Living an ON-line life?

Are you switched on? If you are, well… you’re ONLINE then on There is a green dot next to you.

Imagine, if while walking on the road/station/supermarket, people can recognize if you’re online or not – just by a presence of a green/red not next to you

This is how it would look like:


With the world moving at a frantic pace, we’re all practically living our lives online. We hardly meet people. With phones and social network available, who needs/has the time to physically meet(s) another person?

  1. We have online friends and maintain online relationships (much more than actual physical ones)
  2. Most of our work is done online
  3. Payments are made online (no need of standing in queues)
  4. We shop online (why exercise our legs and go to a supermarket?)
  5. We order food online (don’t feel like cooking… no worries.. just order in…there’s something called a swiggy app)
  6. We can entertain ourselves online, movies, games etc (who needs actual people to play/watch movies with?)
  7. One can educate yourself online, you don’t really need to go to school
  8. Who needs to visit relatives in another country when you can Skype or video call them through a simple gadget called a phone?

What’s left are only small things like eating, walking, bathing, breathing, pro-creating (while that may not exactly be a small thing) etc… but I’m sure the world will find an online substitute to that too soon enough.

You’ve got to pity the youngsters being born in this day and age…they’d never know the actual meaning of what it is ‘to live life to its fullest’ 
You can say, life’s getting easier, but do we really need everything so easy and at the click of a finger? People are getting lazier, eating rubbish food and dying way to earlier than normal. But then who cares, live life King Size they say! or Queen Size.

Nobody really cares for a tomorrow… you wake up – its fine and if you don’t… well no one is really gonna miss you, are they?

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  1. This one is deeply written! Worth reading material…. Keep it up.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thankyou dear. Glad it made pleasant reading to you 😊

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