A Game of Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the coolest board games one can play (minimum 2, maximum 4 players) I enjoy playing scrabble, simply because I can show off my vocabulary, not that I have a very expansive vocab.. but there are some words I use, which my opponents are generally not aware of – like for example the pic below. down, emoji, finger pointing down, gesture, hand, hand gesture, pointing down icon


BONKS – a common word you’d think, but not used frequently used in India, they use more common alternatives to the word.


Of course I knew the only one meaning of the word (the more interesting one)

So when I put up the word on the board, my opponent was like

“hey! that’s not a word” 🤨 I smiled 😀 (fully knowing it was.. but was a bit unsure of whether it could be used in the present tense) I had myself playing out all possible examples in my head – while the verb could be used in the past tense (BONKED) or even in the present continuous tense (BONKING) but simple present tense? Yes, Language teachers often have that issue.. its completely normal. 

🤔 he bonks her? 
🤔 she bonks him?

Anyways I decided to go ahead and play it. Looking at my ‘I-am-sure-about-the-word’ look, she didn’t challenge but vowed to check up on the word after we finished the game

I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂 at myself for making that word… I mean, what was I thinking? ‘Bonks’? 😂😜 You’d probably want to know how I got to know about the word… considering I haven’t quite played out the practical lesson of the word, it was through one of the many sitcoms I download and watch on my computer.

People read newspapers, books and gather new vocabulary, I have my own innovative ways… 😜 and it works for me. I am still learning  right!? and as long as I can use it in everyday conversation – great! that said ‘bonks’ might not be a word I can use that frequently 🤨

Just in case you’re interested, there’s the American and British version of the word too… something like Bonk in American and Boinks in British… or vice versa, something like that. Proper usage of the word in the proper place makes a big difference. However, in India it shouldn’t make a difference, either way – people are doing it 😉😉

I do try to make one new word every game I play, tiles and proper letter position on the board permitting. Scrabble is such a fun game, of course minus the scrabble words, that just pisses me off no end – just normal English words is good enough. 👍

Needless to say I won the above scrabble game… even after my sister got a bingo [FLEECER] right at the beginning with her very first word… yes I know!  I may be a slow starter but I’ll find my way to the top eventually.

The best part of playing for me is, I don’t play to win, I play to enjoy the game. It isn’t so much for the game but for my time that I chose to spend with another person that is more important.

Besides, it’s just a game and someone’s got to win, the other is the unfortunate loser. 🙏

My Favorite letter: ‘S’ [I love making words plural]

My Least favorite letter: ‘Q’ [I normally hate waiting for ‘U’]

Most challenging letter: ‘J’ [Makes you think where to fit it in]

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  1. Heya! I’ve nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge.
    I hope you’ll participate in it.
    Share your favourite quotes ,each for one day with your views why you love them.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’ve done something like this before (or wait! exactly this-yes) Thanks for the nomination. Yes I’ll do it soon.

  2. Its a fairly interesting game must say. Been a while I last played though.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      You’ve clearly moved to bigger things and climbing heights… 😉

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