– Those 4 Walls –

Q. How often do we sit at home and wish that someone would ring/call us and suggest… well anything better than ‘these 4 walls’? 

Q. How many of us have had plans, coffee/beer with friends or a drive, but then suddenly “these 4 walls” seem the better option to be in, because at least here you don’t have to pretend to be okay, and you can be yourself. It is tiring to act all the time.

Or when we are invited for an outing, we tell them how terribly sorry we are that we are “really busy” and that we can’t make it, but actually all we are doing is fiddling with the TV remote or staring at our laptop and playing Ludo online with total strangers.

Sooner or later, you realize people/friends stop calling you because they think you’re always busy, and the fact that you excuse yourself that you are always occupied, becomes your life’s biggest lie. We all have that one person (if not more) and if you can’t think of one, then in all probability YOU are that person.

We shouldn’t give up on such people, ring them, go give them surprise visits, bug them till they say okay and come out – even if they don’t want to, because somewhere deep down they actually do, they only don’t know how to say it – say a simple YES. Yes! some people need to be taught how to say YES, because its always the easier option to say NO. But, do we take the trouble to know what is the reason behind the ‘NO’? Are people really busy that they claim to be? Or do they really want to be by themselves?

We all say “If you need anything or simply want to talk, I’m there for you” but are we really there? Or is that like all other promises we make and don’t keep.. Hence we all go back within “those 4 walls” – familiar surrounding, familiar people ‘Our Comfort Zone’. There may be more than one reason why the family is who we all come back to eventually.

Each one of us are fighting a battle out there…while some are able to fight back strong, others are just trampled upon. That said, take a little time to be Kind.. it isn’t always about competition and coming first in life, but sometimes..just sometimes, we could think about taking that one step back, and see someone else happy too.

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  1. Nice post. But sometimes it’s good to excuse yourself rather than being in boring company and sit within the 4 walls. I agree with the ” being kind” part but then some people do get on our nerves and then we need to be indifferent to them. After all, why fake things .

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      There’s always going 2 sides to look at things. Thank you for your comment.

      1. You’re welcome. By the way , your posts are good.

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Thankyou dear, I try and keep them simple and relatable. It’s good to have fellow bloggers and others too read them.

  2. I so agree absolutely with these great writings, Savio and sometimes they are so true. We definitely like to go back to our Comfort Zone but it is nice to call people and go out for an outing or two to just keep ourselves also happy and joyous. A beautiful write up, very inspiring.

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