A cool Indian?

If someone told me Indians are cool, I’d probably laugh my arse out. Like seriously! How are we Indians cool?

We may be smart – yes!

We may be beautiful/handsome – acceptable

We may be good in bed – debatablemain-qimg-2afdbb5a8e64640a693fc179862cd2ea-c

We may be romantic – I don’t know really! Heard this somewhere…

We could be a whole lot of different things.. but the one thing we are not… is cool. Indians aren’t cool, we’re so not, but like all Indian’s do well is.. we try! I’m not sure by wearing a chain that has letters C O O L makes you cool…as Sharukh Khan displayed in K2H2.

I was at the beach today morning and well… even though with a head set on my head, loud music blasting into my ears, no where near people, splashing my legs in the water, having my morning walk, I was stopped… an Indian adult student I had taught some time ago

“Hi” he said, in some really weird accent and of course hung around a minute or two more to talk. I thought I’d ask him what had happened to his accent, which I did;

“What happened to your accent?”

“Why what’s wrong?” he sounded concerned

“It doesn’t sound like you at all.. not Indian definitely” to which he laughed it off and replied “then it’s okay, I went to Europe for a month and just got back”

It was needless to ask where he picked up that accent from or whatever it was that came out of his mouth. Did he think he was being cool by trying to speak in a different accent? I think he just made a fool of himself. He barely knows to string a correct grammatical sentence together, maybe he thinks saying it in a different accent might cover up for his lack of grammar – I don’t know really! To top that he was wearing these floral blue shorts (the kind they wear on beaches in Miami) like seriously!? Some more points on the cool factor!?

I kept walking after the brief encounter and a little ahead I see an Indian girl playing in the water with a shower cap on, yes, a shower cap on. My understanding is if you don’t want your hair to get wet, just don’t enter the water at the deep level, stay in shallow water where the sea water comes up to your waist and not higher…but I guess a shower cap, at a goan beach, in the sea water.. looks way cooler.

The third observation of the morning walk… was a mother-daughter duo playing kabaddi with the waves. Goodness Gracious Me! If you don’t know what playing kabaddi with the waves mean, please watch the movie Dear Zindagi, SRK (Shahrukh Khan) explains it all.

All in all, it was a good walk of 80 minutes. More observations next time.


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  1. Agreed! We indians aren’t cool ! We just ape the West , be it dressing, words usage, and now even food.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes, talking about food… I’ve noticed that how Indians have now have started eating croissants. It’s just a fancy label for what we call bread in India..with a different shape. It’s now like, ‘I’m eating a croissant’.. why don’t you eat it overlooking the French Riviera?

      1. Yes . And to forget Tacos, pasta, Starbucks coffee and what not.

  2. Those were some COOL observations!! 😅

  3. didn’t you have an email ID with coolsav or something as the username?

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      It wasn’t so much on the meaning of the word than using a colourful adjective that made me use ‘cool’ as a prefix to my name…yes we all did dumb stuff. I’m sure you have loads of dumb stuff you’ve done too.
      Besides I can’t even remember at which e-mail client it was done with. Those were the days! I’ll take that coolsav@whatever.com….to the more professional ID I have created now…life has become way too serious now

  4. Great and true observations, Savio and yes our Indians can sure make an ass of themselves and only want to imitate the foreigners. Great post.

  5. I think Indian accents are delightful.  There are so many of them, ranging from British-sounding to lyrically rhythmical.As to “looking cool” by copying a different accent, that probably only works if it’s very well done, otherwise it degenerates into mocking😂😂😂😂 especially for teenagers!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      U said it..!

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