Choosing the right ‘Adjective’

We all know the primary function of an adjective is to describe or clarify a noun, anyone who has learnt English Grammar would tell you that.

But back in the 90’s, an adjective meant much much more, it was more about finding the right word to put as a prefix to our names to give us the perfect email address’, or so we thought at that time. Remember the days where we thought, adding an adjective to our names would make our email sound so much cooler? Even better if the adjective started with the same letter as our name.




Below are my first 4 email ID’s (that I can remember) I created: (not in the correct order)




and of course ‘’, which I use till date (functional now more at gmail instead of Yahoo)

What was YOUR first email ID? I bet it said a lot about you…

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  1. Interesting piece of information Savio. I am glad my email id doesn’t have any adjective 🙂 And yes, Goa Rocks!!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thanks for reading Piyali, that is a cute name you have there 🙂

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