When dreams make you smile..

There’s something about the cool weather, be it accompanied with rain or just pleasant climate that gets me in a very good mood, especially at nights.. that’s when all good things happen.

I’m not sure where your mind wandered off (for a split second) with that above sentence, but I am talking about Dreams. Yesterday was yet another instance, the best part of it being that I can remember them (not everyone can) and another is that they are always incomplete.. That’s gotta mean something right?  🤔

It all began with words like these that I was narrating..


“…I will love you, hold you and honor you,
in health and sickness,
in good times and in bad,
For all the days of my life…”

and we all know what comes after the vows right? 😉

The priest says: “Now you may kiss the bride” now, that part isn’t really highlighted for some reason in the dream which is weird.. like in every movie you have certain scenes you wouldn’t miss out. this would be kind of an important scene in a dream right?

Now, if there’s been anything clear in my life, its been in my dreams.. [even clearer than that of the windshield of my car] and that is a BIG deal, because I do always like to keep my windshield clean & clear, for best vision. That said, why is it that at the end of it, I cannot recognize the person’s face (in this case: the bride) and it’s all in a blur? 🤔

This hasn’t been the first time and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last time either.

I’m never gonna get that happy ending I envisioned for myself now.. am I? I guess I’ll just have to be content with the smiles that my dreams bring me in the morning that follows, for the other parts of the day, it is just madness that goes around, if not in front of me, definitely in my head.

Who is going to complete these un-finished dreams of mine? Its not like the next night-a part II would play out automatically, which would be really cool if it did.. but that ain’t happening.

This getting married in my dreams thing is pretty cool, I’m sure we’ve all got dreams like that, its the frequency in which I get them – which is kind of surprising. It’s already happened like more than a few times now, I’m just hoping that in all those times, it is the same bride, considering it is all a blur… more like a cloud effect, at least for one thing I know, it is a marriage ‘Made in Heaven’

There was something similar I wrote some time ago, that was another dream. of course fictionalized to an extent. Do read and tell me how you liked it, you’ll find it below, it has three parts to it. Would love to have your feedback on it.

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  1. Wedding bells…. ting ting ting

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      the bells keep ringing in my sub-conscious all the time :p

      1. Hehehhe… it will ring in real very soon

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply


      2. It will ring in real very soon!! And guess what… u will not need to fuss about “destination wedding” Goa is itself a super plot!!

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