The Rains are here..

The magical time  of the year is here and needless to say, I am at my chirpiest self! There’s something about the rain  that gets me all smiling and feeling good, internally & externally.  It is a pity though that in India, it lasts only for 3 months.

There are more than a few reason why I love the rains…

 It is said that people who love the rains (or the monsoon season) are people who ‘Live in the moment’. What better example than during the monsoons..  

You see a puddle of water and your instinct immediately says ‘jump’, who thinks about making a decision whether ‘to jump or not’.. its reflex! ..or for the more conservative adults, at least get you would want your feet in it to have the feel of the cold water run over.

 The child in us is at display. No matter how much of an adult you are.. you would still want to run around in the rain like a 4 year old. We love to get our hair wet and sometimes even our whole selves wet.. and why not! Where do we get the chance to do it in public otherwise, if not for the monsoon time? ☔🌧

The sounds that the rains bring along with listen to the drops falling against a tin roof or hitting against the window panes. Rains have a beautiful melody. I am absolutely awestruck by lightening and thunder. It makes me feel powerful.. alive and well simply its BOLD sound, forcing everyone to take notice. I like sounds. 🌩⚡🌧

 Rains give us a chance for genuine excuses to be late to school, work, meetings, functions etc. The bus can get stuck or the road could be flooded or the scooter could not start or they could be tree blocking the road [these may not all be true but they do sound very genuine and possible]

I remember one instance during my college days  [rainy season]   we were late for class (Economics) though we weren’t really wet, we went to the nearest tap and splashed water on each other to an extent that the teacher believed us, when we entered the class, she told us to sit in the library since we should not let the other students get sick with all the (fake) coughs and sneezes. That was one free period for us.. yayy! [for the info: I hated Economics] – and we all know how boring Economics teachers are. [Of course there has never been a HOT Economics teacher EVER!]

 The greenery around… isn’t it a great feeling to be walking, riding, driving surrounded by greenery! wow!!  Goa certainly has lots of it. You’ve gotta love Goa during the monsoons, more than ever.

 Temperatures drop drastically during the monsoons, it means homes get cooler. Yet with all that, I still need an overhead fan running at max speed, while everyone else around is feeling cold and are with sweaters and what not.. I’m like “its hot” . Its the same as eating ice cream during the rains.

The Monsoons are the best time in India.. at least in Goa it is. ⛈☔ You’ve gotta soak in the smells, the sounds, the feeling, the magic and just enjoy yourself. Nothing like enjoying the company of a loved one in the romance of the rainy season.couple-sharing-umbrella-front-view-isolated-vector-illustration-52679973

And if you’re single like me.. its a great time to share your umbrella to that girl whose forgotten to carry hers or lending your hand to the umbrella that refuses to open for some reason – Be the HERO in that girl’s life, even if it is for a couple of minutes. Who knows what that one good deed might land you up in!? 

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  1. superb one sav…even those who don’t like the rains will rethink and fall in love with the rains after reading this!!!! 🙂

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thanks sis. Glad you liked it, you have been quite miserly with your comments. Seeing a comment from you today is refreshing!

  2. Enjoy the rains! While here in the desert we are roasting at 45degrees!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’ll send a few buckets. A little contribution from my side 🙂
      45 degrees? Phew!

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