Self Confidence = Self Starter

The world always aims at pulling you down, so to sustain, you need to be confident about yourself

Easier said than done right?

While we may always want to be the best confident version of ourselves – at all times, it isn’t all that easy, at least it isn’t for me. It isn’t so much of a switch on-switch off button.

In my life, CONFIDENCE pays a huge role. I thrive on confidence boosters in the smallest of things, be it in the form of a firm handshake, an encouraging ‘word’ or simply being in the presence of someone who makes you feel comfortable. 

There’s this thing I do [days when I feel very confident about myself and have the ‘I can take over the world type feeling] is wearing my watch on the right hand. Its a state of mind that I find myself right at the beginning of the day.

Confidence to me is like the relationship to that of a choke to a tube-light… I know! I know! before you say you get LED tubes now, I’m just making a reference here.. and of course, there’s ‘Attitude’ which is closely connected to confidence. With the right attitude, confidence is always lurking around close by.

But how then does one get confidence? If you log on to the internet, you’ll probably find more than a few thousand ways & suggestions – but how good is it to help you out in your situation? While the internet is helpful in answering most of our questions, it doesn’t always help us with what we’re looking for..

I suggest doing the simple things in life:

(a) Talk to people and be genuinely interested in conversations

(b) Try to stay away from the people who get you jumpy all the time

(c) Keep yourself busy, having work to do keeps the mind busy and in turn reduces unnecessary thoughts

(d) An upright posture and a smile on your face will take you far

(e) Of course look in the eye of the person when talking to them, people’s eyes tell a story of their own.

(f) Be prepared for any situation that you may encounter in your surroundings. Always have a ‘Plan B & Plan C’ ready.

(g) Never miss an opportunity to help someone

(h) Last but not least – Create personal boundaries.

You’ll always have people telling you to read books on how to gain confidence or watch inspirational movies or even get counselled – DON’T DO IT. Confidence cannot be imbibed into a person through outward forces, it should come from the inside of you. It is only when you feel good about yourself, will you be able to show it outwardly to other people.

Everything thing needs work, we do too. High time we work on ourselves from time-to-time.

7 Replies to “Self Confidence = Self Starter”

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      thanks dear 🙂

  1. Good points listed to boost confidence Savio. Like you wrapped it up, when one feels good about oneself, it reflects on his outward personality too. Being successful in trying to do something out of one’s comfort zone also ups the confidence quotient:)

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes that too, Radhika 🙂 Thank you as always for reading and commenting.

  2. Motivational post 😊

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Also a reminder to myself.. at times 🙂 Thank you

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