Bollywood’s Sexual Awakening!

UntitledWith ‘Veere Di Wedding’ having released (which I’ve still not watched but heard so much about) and ‘Lust Stories’ on Netflix – Bollywood has had some sort of awakening.

I guess by now many might have watched the former, the latter (a 2 hour film) namely Lust Stories shown on Netflix, takes you on an adventure – from the viewpoint of women. There’s nothing gross about it, it is everyday things written in the form of stories and produced by well known directors, but the question to ask is;

Is something like this necessary? Or are these stories required to be told? It isn’t that people are unaware of these things, I suppose in today’s world these things are quite common, does Bollywood really need to give its people a visual of it?

Image result for lust stories netflixWhile things like Infidelity, Masturbation, Female sexuality, Women’s fantasies etc are topics which are openly discussed.. it seems Bollywood has found ‘something new’ to explore!

I’m not sure how women perceive these films, whether its more of an outlet for them, to tell the world in the form of films what cannot be spoken openly (especially in a country like India) what women are all about or there’s more to a woman than just what men see from the outside. As for men, it is just another piece of video production that they’d watch, talk about and make fun of. There is absolutely no sense in making these kind of movies, the way I see it.
Taking nothing away from Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar & Karan Johar for their contributions in the form of these 4 stories put together in a film.

At the end of this blog post, my questions remains the same –

Are these kind of films or videos required?

What lessons are people taking out from them?

Is this what we need to see, experience and cloud our thoughts with?  

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