Is your ‘Speech Filter’ ON?

Imagine if people blurted out everything they had in their heart.. every l-i-t-t-l-e thing with absolutely no filter – nothing. Their innermost feelings towards you, the society and life in general, would you be able to take it all in?
Surely, they’d be a time when you’ll say ENOUGH!

One of our strongest assets is the ability to communicate, mainly through speech. Thefilter words we choose to speak and the tone we say it in can make a person either see light through them or fall deeper into darkness. We have all done it, we have all had it done to us.

Does it mean we need to think before we speak?

Of course we do, and that is basically the ‘FILTER’ I am talking about. There are quite a few reasons why people should have their ‘Speech Filter’ – ON at all times (i.e besides the time spent at home-unfortunately the only disadvantage of being family members)

Firstly, our speech affects the way people think about us, if we blurt out everything we know, feel and want to share, we’ll end up losing the trust of anyone who needs to keep something private, besides that nobody wants to be around somebody who vomits information out all the time. The term I’m referring to is GOSSIP, and gossip is basically unfiltered information, which is unhealthy and can create more problems than solve them.
Eventually, you will lose respect for yourself. If no one else can stand being around you, automatically your sense of value and self-worth will decrease and that is definitely not a good place to be in

Filter your speech to suit the occasion.

Filtering Speech is an ART, not everyone has it by default. However, its never too late to make a start, if you feel you need to develop a FILTER for yourself

  1. Observe people 2. Listen more-talk less 3. Watch silent messages & 4. When you get a chance to talk choose your words carefully.

4 Replies to “Is your ‘Speech Filter’ ON?”

  1. Love this post. Couldn’t agree more.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Glad you liked the post. Welcome to theextraaamile, Mahevash 😊

  2. Good post .Talking is an art and not everyone possess that skill.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes Savitha. That said even writing needs a whole lot of filtering…be it even a blog post 😉

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