Defining ‘Life’ in 5 words

No-IDEA-what’s-going-on! – My 5 words

Yes, that’s pretty much it. I’ve never known, I still do not know… and in all probability, the future holds the same fate. Who needs that kind of plan? What’s to experience if we know what we want, how to get it and how long it will take – Sounds a pretty boring life to ME, don’t you feel the same?

Scary!? Yes definitely.

Who does really? Life happens…few people have their sails out and the wind takes them places, others move around with compasses, moving in one particular direction.. as for the rest and most of us, it is basically trial and error method.

If you think, its only students after Xth & XIIth std with a choice of options and directions they are to move in – you’re wrong. Different ages, different situations and a whole lot of chaos happening in everyday lives of everyday people, are making people question themselves with every step they take.
Smiling faces and roaring laughter are only face masks that people are wearing, what each individual’s story is, not another soul knows.

Why should I share my story with someone else? 

What will the world think of me?

So while defining your entire life in 5 words may not be an easy task. Take a closer look at yourself.. you aren’t really doing too many different things, its probably one MAJOR thing, and your life revolves around that with different activities we take up… that’s basically our life in a nutshell. Now it is hard to come up with 5 words?

How will you define your life in 5 words?

4 Replies to “Defining ‘Life’ in 5 words”

  1. Hahaha! U have described it aptly! Most of the time we actually have no idea what’s going on.. But that’s life, sometimes we just have to go with the flow to realize what and who we want in our life.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      glad we think on the same lines 🙂 thankyou for reading..

  2. Totally agree with your post! You know something , When I was young I always thought when would I grow up and now when I’m all grown , an adult, a mother, a wife I have to tell you that life is BORING! So you aren’t alone thinking this way!😞😒

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