The ‘NEW’ thing for the day

I attended a dinner party which otherwise I wouldn’t have. A totally IMPULSIVE decision.

.. and I don’t even know why!? I just thought I’d do something I’m not used to doing – or as the title says “The ‘NEW’ thing for the day” It took my dad too by surprise, coz either I am forced to come for functions or I myself need to find a good-enough reason to attend a particular function.

On this particular occasion, I just went… and as soon as I was seated I realized how very uncomfortable I was feeling, for one – with having not attended too many functions in the past, I know less & less people, so I am basically confined to my chair, now looking around at people in general hugging each other, some sending out air kisses and what not.. and the occasional unlock my phone and check for new whatsapp messages or pray for someone to call me on my phone, so that I can look busy.

It was only once the cold drink and the snacks came in, (which wasn’t too long after we had seated ourselves) did I begin to feel more comfortable.. I finally had some activity to do – EAT, yes, my mouth had something to do, other than make small talk, which can be actually tiring at times.

All this time, for 30 odd years I thought, I was a people’s person, but as the years have gone by, I have come to realize, I go for functions more for the food than to interact with people… I see food and I feel comfortable. Good for me, the time between the snacks and the food wasn’t too long… lapped up the good food, topped it up with desert and now am back home.

I’d say.. a couple of hours well spent

4 Replies to “The ‘NEW’ thing for the day”

  1. Hahaha… very nicely described the discomfort! Enjoyed it!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      hahaha..yes it was food to the rescue!

  2. Functions are a bore now. As you said it right, food is the only saviour!!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      More ‘out of fashion’ Savitha…functions and parties are so 80’s and 90’s – weddings apart, that’s never going out of fashion.

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