How to act busy.. when you’re really NOT


This post will make ideal reading material to government officials.. no wait! I guess they’ve already mastered the art by now you’d think.

What the heck! It is an open to be read-by-all post.

If you’re an Indian, you would have surely heard this phrase being said some time or the other “Everyone is in a hurry but no one reaches their place on time” – now apply the same principal to the work place and you have “Everyone is very busy but no work ever gets done” (on time i.e)

Of course there’s always work to be done.. but is it enough work to keep us busy? Not really! It never is.. unless of course you’re really the dedicated worker (Congratulations-but seriously! Why?) 

So how does one ‘be busy’ but ‘is really not’ just like I am doing right now. Gosh! I am so busy at work that I am writing a post on my book to publish later here on WordPress, once I get in front of a screen, of course no one knows what I’m doing, so I am technically “busy” a.f. My pen’s moving as fast as thoughts rushing to my head. (You all know how much work it takes to write a blog post)

So here goes.. How to act busy…when you’re really NOT.. my personal experience. I’m not a pro here, but I’m learning from the very best.when-the-boss-walks-by-and-you-gotta-act-like-16407296

1. If you’re desk is not equipped with technology (desktop, laptop, tablet) resort to the traditional method of writing. Take notes, it could be anything – just write (make sure that the handwriting isn’t too legible though) If there’s a camera and someone is looking at you from some remote location – seeing you write, they’ll pass and move on to watch someone else. [Writing is seen as a very boring activity]

2. A lot of people get caught simply by their gestures. Learn to work magic with body language. Cough a little, clear your throat, adjust your glasses from time-to-time. Look into your files, papers, books etc and while doing all this DO NOT SMILE, act as serious as you can be.

3. Turn to a colleague closest to you, and ask an intelligent question.

4. Carry a prop when you get up from your seat, a book, some papers, a file. Oh yes! the little things get noticed too..

5. When you’re away from your work space, leave a couple of things lying around on your table, it will look as if you’ve left while in the middle of something. Again papers, a couple of files, open books, a pen lying unbuckled..

These have worked well with me, go ahead and try them out. And please! don’t say you are “actually” busy at work, we all know you’re not. If you happen to read this post while at work, please do not smile. Just treat it like an important e-mail you’ve received and as if you’re replying to the email, type out a comment as well.

Would love to hear from you.


This was written while at work, reproduced now. Was fun and no one suspected a thing.

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  1. Nice post. Everyone’s good at being busy even though doing nothing!!😁😁

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Some are just so good at it..however I am still learning and getting better with it 😉 thanks for reading 😄

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