I’ve never understood FOOTBALL – That is a FACT. Black and White Football

I cannot understand the concept of 22 matured men running after one rolling ball for 90 minutes. I’m sure there are a few of my types out there. The Football World cup is almost at its end stages.. and besides knowing whose playing whom and the result of those matches the next day on the newspaper and sharing memes of Neymar and his acting skills on the football field on Facebook, other than that, I’m not quite aware of what’s happening. About the Neymar thingy, I did find that hilarious! 😉🤣😆😂

Black and White FootballI could care less if Argentina or Portugal or any team gets knocked out, its a game after all, someone has to lose and someone has to win. At this stage, I do not even know who is the likely team to lift the cup. Brazil maybe.. (i.e if they don’t lose their upcoming match against Belgium)
That said, I think football is a pretty silly game, there is absolutely no skill required… I mean..  you see the ball – you kick the ball – pass the ball and when its a goal, people scream like crazy! 😂😂

Wow! some game! Black and White Football

There’s the sweet ol’ A.Maggy (Played by the very talented Rozzlin) from Goa/Mumbai [Bandra] who thinks the same..


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  1. Hmmm… just wondering, have you ever played football?

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes I did – once, for my school team or was it class vs class – not sure. I ended up putting the ball in our goal.. (or as they call it self goal) well!what did I know? 😉 It was supposed to be our goal right? 😉 I celebrated, to only realize I was the only one.. our team lost. That was the end of my football career..😁😁

      1. Lol!!! It makes sense now…. 😂

  2. Totally agree !

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yay! There’s another one like me..

  3. I am a sports person but even I don’t really understand the hype created around FIFA…

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