Whatever happened to Predictability?

UntitledIf you’ve watched the sitcom Full House (1987-1995) you’d probably know what I’m talking about or even (2016-present) sitcom Fuller House, which has the same tune (aired on Netflix), with a few changes.

Television has come a long way.. and so has life

So as the lyrics to the tune goes..

Whatever happened to predictability

The milkman the paperboy

Evening T.V?

How did I get to be living here Somebody tell me please

This old world’s confusing me

Clouds as mean as you ever seen

Ain’t a bird that knows your tune

Then a little voice inside you whispers

Kid, don’t sell your dreams so soon,

Everywhere you look, 

There’s a heart There’s a heart

And a hand to hold onto

Everywhere you look

Everywhere you look There’s a face Of somebody who needs you

Everywhere you look, When you’re lost out there and you’re all alone..

A light is waiting to carry you home. Everywhere you look

Everywhere you look

Da ba dee da dow

Wow! The Milkman? The paperboy and evening TV? Has life changed or what?

People still drink milk – do they? Mobile phones and the Internet have replaced the everyday newspaper and the TV is kind of outdated technology you’d think..

Everything’s flexible nowadays, from relationships, work to hairstyle. While it may be good in today’s day and age with so many options available to us, sometimes, I guess its good to know what’s coming ahead for a change… there are a limited number of surprises we can take in our lives.. (I know I myself have had quite a few!-and trust me I had no idea absolutely)

You’re IN today, could be well OUT tomorrow.

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