Everyone has a different smell

Quoting a dialogue from the movie “Dear Zindagi” (translated to English)

“I like people who smell nice”
“I hate smelly people”
“Really why?”
“You like smelly people?”
“Everyone has a different smell…that’s how people get attracted to each other..”

When I heard the above dialogue, I had the same immediate reaction as Jackie did in the movie where she says

nose“sheee! kaun ek doosre ko smell karke attaract hota hai?”

(which roughly translates to) “Eeks! Who goes around smelling people to get attracted?”

but then if you think harder – while emotions, feelings, compatibility, comfort zones are some of the main factors that make us hang around certain people, its the way people smell, (or to use a fancy word – ‘the individual’s scent’) too that plays an equally important role.Vector of a Smiling Cartoon Man Smelling a Pleasant Aroma

Everyone has a natural scent, made up a lot of different things, for example the type of food we eat, hormones, stress levels, anxiety, levels of arousal, cleanliness, the smell of our clothes and hair, and to add to that any scented products we may use directly on our skin.
A lot of a person’s scent is also influenced by the smells of their homes and workplace. However, we do not have a heightened sense of smell in comparison to dogs or other animals. Can you imagine if we had that? As it is we are so choosy about the people we talk and spend our time with – if smell were the only criteria we chose people we’d want to be friends with – we’d be spending a lot of time all by ourselves.

We in India, are (fortunately or unfortunately you decide) blessed with extreme heat and with heat comes sweat and we all know what comes along with sweat.. phew!

Thank God, for at least now all Banks are all equipped with air conditioners.

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  1. Dear Zindagi is one of my favourites 😃

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Mine too, I loved the story line.. and of course Alia did really well with her story character.
      Thankyou for following 🙂

  2. Yeah I have seen depression from very close so I could relate to that 😃.

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