1. a person who is fully grown or developed.

POINT NOTED: Hence ‘adulting’ – ‘present continuous’

Its funny how as children, we all wanted to grow big quickly! Looking at our parents, spending money buying a car or two, investing money in shares, purchasing land to build a bigger house.. traveling to foreign lands – all of course with one thing that binds it all together – MONEY, it all sounded and looked so unreal. Something they had (in plenty-of course in comparison to the small change they gave us to buy chocolates and toffees) and we didn’t.. and we all wished the time when we would earn some for ourselves and spend it on the things “we” loved. Sounded so cool..when we were kids. Being an adult seemed like the coolest thing to be.

I’m sure like many of us, you too had dreams of growing up, earning tons of money, finding that “special one” to spend it on, marry the love of your life, have a couple of children and live a happy ever after story.

Sounds too good to be true? Because BAM that’s exactly where reality sets in. Basically what you’ve been doing now is just imagining it all like a Bollywood film script. Yeah! That’s what it is. How many of us can actually say whatever we’ve thought has come true.. maybe a 2% of the population?


While earning money and spending it is cool, it is only as an Adult we realize, that with every note spent on something – there is one note less in our pockets/wallets to spend on something else. And that’s where choices, decisions & sacrifices come in – which we need to make ourselves. Who said being an adult is cool, now that we are full blown adults ourselves? We think our children are so much cooler not a worry in their life really.

I am an Adult (36 qualifies as an adult right?) but am I really? I have a list – feel free to check the boxes if you feel you’re an adult and it applies to you

unchecked checkbox When go-with-the-flow no longer works. Plans need to be made. Everything we do needs a plan. There’s a Plan A, B and C in place.

unchecked checkbox We have absolutely no clue what we’re doing in life. A definite YES. Besides going through the motions.. we’re actually clueless what we’re doing . Go to work – come home, repeat. That’s more like what an adult life looks like.

unchecked checkbox People come to us for advice. Yes! Imagine us giving advice, sometimes we could do with advice ourselves. Its a whole different experience being a role model to someone, little boys & girls start looking up to you and want to be like you, talk like you..and copy your style. I have a style? O’ boy!

unchecked checkbox Its cool to be uncool. Being ourselves takes priority over impressing others. If I feel comfortable in what I wear, do & say, no one can make me feel bad about myself. We’ve been around longer than some of the yesterday-born anyway.

unchecked checkbox We use words like “experienced” & “in those days” in conversations, and why not? We’ve lived longer, we’ve seen more and that makes us more experienced – right? and of course in those days things were different, kids of today will never understand. [the fact remains that we had things easier back then-but kids don’t need to know that, do they?]

I’m still not sure about the last one, I guess besides roaches (crawly & flying ones) I am pretty much adult for everything else

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    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      thanks for reading Iti. Its been long since you’ve left a comment or come visiting. How are you dear?

      1. Thanks… Sister just got married. So was off.. Back now. Nice reading your article! Kudos to your website 🙂

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Yes, it has been a little over a year I’ve moved to my own space. Everything else has remained the same 😊 good to have you join me here as well.
          And congratulations 👍

  1. I have been on my own, pretty much since I was 18. When my mother-in-law remarked, on our wedding day, that I could barely take care of myself, let alone someone else, I had to laugh. She watched me take care of her little girl, for eight years, at the end of my wife’s life. We managed, just fine, for 29 years.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      that is so wonderful to read.

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