“When you miss someone, write about it” How to Reply to a ‘I Miss You’ Text from Someone You Don’t Really Miss

How many times are you going to tell him/her that you miss them? They are eventually going to get used to your “I miss you”, after some time it will just begin to sound like every other sentence you say.
Only you yourself know, it isn’t just a “I miss you” but so much more behind those 3 words.

I’m telling myself “She is somewhere out there… you are one day going to settle into – into her arms and body and soul and heart and mind

..and you won’t have to worry about killing the idea of stopping yourself from saying “I miss you” first, or 2 hours later when you are or at office or again at lunch time, or always.

I miss you is just another way to express your love towards that person. We are so afraid of using the word Love and hence we use the more subtle version of I miss you.. and yes

“I miss you”

…that at times, I just want to pull you out of my thoughts and hug for you real.

And of course, You are missed too – though no one’s gonna tell you that, we are just too afraid that we won’t get a “I miss you too…” in return. People are just too scared to share their feelings out in the open



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  1. So true dear!! Sometimes people feel but afraid to accept!!

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