Unlimited calling!

Six Smiling Young Indian Friends People Talking on cell phones and sending SMS and Having Fun

With telecom companies coming out with various packs for unlimited calling all over the country, we suddenly find ourselves in a dilemma on who to call…. what to talk… and how long to talk… considering we have all the freedom to go on n on n on.. with unlimited calling.

Remember the days when limited calls meant something? Our conversations were more meaningful, we got to the point much faster and calling someone on phone was a pure thrill.. lest the call got cut in between the conversation… to face the embarrassment of the next day saying “I ran out of balance”

How many times have we sent a quick sms (Short Message Service – and yes it was a thing back then!) from our dad’s mobiles to our friends saying “call me between 2-3 that’s when my dad sleeps” and we’d slowly sneak out his phone and have those heartfelt conversations with a “special” one… I know I did that many times, while today with all the unlimited calling facilities on offer, with hardly one-n-a-half friends to call.. it isn’t the same thrill.

When I talk to my friends (- not friends-per se – more like acquaintances, colleagues, people with verbal diarrhea etc) .. I have this new 2 word phrase I use.. “what else?” I mean… am I just forcing myself to talk? It would sound rude to disconnect the call soon … after all its not that I’m paying by the minute to talk, and besides talking on phone nowadays can be a ‘task’ in itself. Or maybe I’m just talking from a guy’s perspective.. I guess women would not have so much of an issue, they always have a lot to talk, on phone, in person… in the middle of a railway track.. anywhere!

Yes, life’s getting easier… and I don’t think I like it too much

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