Appreciate the Blogger in ‘U’

There has to be a good reason for why every blogger spends time blogging. A few thoughts to be expressed or maybe an opinion about something? Or even sharing a delicious recipe or two. We’re all doing our little-bit to make the world a better place.. be it through food, discovering new places while on travel, simple thoughts or evoking an emotion through poetry.


For me, blogging will always remain very personal.. I could never think of making money out it. There are other ways of making money I suppose a separate profession maybe? That said, MASSIVE RESPECT for those who can bring Passion & Profession together. For me though , Passion and Profession are two very different things.
I don’t claim to have many readers (or they could be-no idea) it has never been about the numbers for me but always for the love of writing, and the fact I come across such wonderful people here (fellow bloggers – everyday mango people [aam aadmi]) the whole experience of being ‘a blogger’ is just so enriching. I guess the same goes for being a vlogger.

So a shout out to all the pretty cool people, who besides the tags they go by in their normal life, they set time aside – to do the thing they love. And besides work is not everything… and there’s gotta be a place to rant, discuss or simply have your say – the BLOG is that place. FaceBook is not, neither is Twitter.

If you’re a blogger, you need a pat on your back, Well Done! Keep up the good work!

And yes! Thank You for giving us something nice to read!

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  1. That’s a lovely write up.

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  2. This is the same with me!

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      glad to hear, Smita 🙂

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