1 statement – an Emotional Outburst! India at its best!

I normally don’t pull out headlines from newspapers or current affairs and make them part of my posts on the blog. 

This is an exception!


The statement:

“This group is shameless, it is the most shameless bunch of Indians I have ever seen!!”

Who was he talking about?
What was the context in which he made that statement?

Watch HERE to know if you’re interested

How on earth does that statement change to:
Arnab says “all keralites are shameles bunch of Indians I have ever seen”? Just because the conversation is related to the state? so it means the reference is made about Keralites!? How silly to think so! Talks a lot about the lack of understanding of the basic language [which is not necessarily a forte in the state] 

The hue and cry made by malayalees on various social media [FaceBook, Twitter etc], youtube, newspapers etc and then people are all talking about it. Just plain ridiculous! I didn’t find anything wrong in what he said, if at all.. IF AT ALL, he could have re-phrased that in a better way. Besides, the whole debate was about ‘Fake News’ and nothing about the state’s people.

The fact that malayaless have got all excited and emotional… saying harsh things about Arnab, the news channel etc! is totally unwarranted. Yes, Indian media isn’t the best when it comes to portraying news, Arnab himself isn’t quite up there, as a first choice news anchor when it comes to news delivery or worse still in debates – but you got to hand it to the guy – he does his research well and he talk sense. No, I am not a fan of the man, but I do enjoy some of his debates. It just brings a little zing to an otherwise very boring life that I lead :p

The things with Indians is that, we are an emotional bunch of people, we get easily offended, we don’t even reason out.. we start pelting out abuses and what not.

Watch!  Listen!  Reason out! …and then REACT for pete’s sake!

Its only after you watch the debate, you’ll realize what the debate is actually about and what has got people talking about. Its absolutely crazy!

Indian’s simply need to CHILL!


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  1. Indians, like Americans, seem to be making judgments based on sounds bites and what amounts to telephone tag. A message passed from one to another, quickly departs from the reality of the situation. We do this all the time, in North America.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      so we aren’t alone on this? Good to know. Not something to be proud of.. but at least we’re not alone :p

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