What’s in a Prayer!?

It depends on what you make of it.

Is it a 5-10 minute of ‘asking’?
A 30 seconds of a greeting ‘Hi, How are You, Bye & Thank you’?
or is it a thanksgiving to another day of your life HE has blessed you with?

Você pode me dizer o que significa orar? Sim, a oração é falar com Deus. Você sabia que Jesus falou com Seu Pai muito através da oração? Se Jesus orou, devemos seguir o Seu exemplo e orar também…I’m not the most prayerful person you’ll find around, I say the basic amount of prayers required [when I wake up in the morning, before bed at night, after communion at mass & when in trouble] – nothing too long, nothing to fancy – just the regular, a prayer for the well being of my family members, friends and I’d throw a few other special intentions as well [none of them being personal]

I do not believe in praying for myself. 

I am probably the last person who should be talking about praying, since I do the bare minimum myself. That said, prayers do help, if not get what you have asked for, what it definitely does – it gives one peace once you’ve prayed. It works as a calming effect on the mind and soul not to mention the body as a whole. You’re a different person on the other side of a prayer.Biblia niños dibujos casas - Imagui

So, let us not wait for a reason to say a prayer, say one when you’re taking that evening walk or driving your car. It doesn’t have to be said aloud to be heard, not very long or grammatically correct. God isn’t looking for all that, all HE wants is a connection, a private connection – Just YOU and HIM.

“When we pray for others, God listens to you and blessed them. So when you are safe and happy, remember that someone is praying for you.”

The idea of the post, comes after reading another, on the same subject by a fellow blogger, Binita. Click HERE to read.

5 Replies to “What’s in a Prayer!?”

  1. I totally agree with every word you’ve written. Even I pray in the same patterns as you do. I also believe in going the extra mile to achieve our goals. I’m glad to have found your blog with relatable content😊👍

    1. Thankyou for reading Atara. Glad I could find a reader who relates to what I write 🙂

  2. Praying is really very good to overcome our fears and weakness too… 🙂
    Also as for here, I love the way you write using different fonts and styles and the little cute pictures that you add in here is just like icing on the cake…So it is really a cute and a connecting blog for me 🙂

    1. thanks dear, I am happy of what you think of my blog. So that makes two of us – one of a kind 🙂

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