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Not sure what your first thought was when you read the title of the blog post. Either way, read ahead to know what it is all about [the pictures will give you a fair indication]

teestss That one line [the title] sums up Team India’s latest tour of England. India return back from England with one victory out of 5 test matches. The final score-line reads 1 – 4.

It was all the hype created by the media and also partly by the coach of the Indian team, that made us “HOPE” that maybe… just maybe, India could win the test series in England – and why not? We had the batsman, we had the bowlers – we were matching England player – for – player.

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If England had Joe Root, we had Virat Kohli
If England had James Anderson, we had Jasprit Bumrah
If England had Adil Rashid, we had Ravi Ashwin

..but then stranger things have happened over the course of the test series – the scoreline 1 – 4 suggests it.

Ever felt as a student, when studying for an exam, you try and mug up all the necessary information from the book and finally when you’re staring at your exam paper in the exam hall, you find a question totally out of syllabus.. and you are totally bamboozled on how to answer it? 

That’s exactly what happened to Team India – in the form of a 20 year old [Sam Curran] India never played him, probably never even heard of him, until before they played against him in the first Test. He bowled, he batted and whatever he seemed to do.. helped his team, leaving the opposition frustrated. Looking back at the 5 match test series, this 20 year old made the difference. Take him out of the equation, and India might have seen a different scoreline [for that to happen, a whole other things would have to have fallen in place too]  India did win the only test that Sam Curran didn’t feature in.

As Indians, we are always optimistic about our Team’s chances whenever they play a good game of cricket, and under the leadership of Virat Kohli, [Indian Captain] we have seen more victories that defeats – there was something about this man, his positivity, his aggression and how it rubs on to his fellow team-mates. If ever, India could land England some heavy defeats in their own backyard, this was going to be the tour and this was the team they were going to do it with.
Virat Kohli had the numbers to back him, the runs he had piled up over the long home series. The team seemed to be a well oiled unit. The South African series loss was heartbreaking but with the tour to England, it posed a wonderful challenge and a genuine chance for Team India to chase glory.

After the long tour finally ended yesterday, The T20’s, ODI’s and the Test’s, Team India cut a sorry figure. They managed to win the T20 league of the tour, the ODI’s and Test’s were snapped in some fashion by England.

The team returns back to India, with a few questions to be answered, answers they thought they already had. By no means was the England tour bad, the team competed  [barring the Test at Lords] but lost out on key moments. We didn’t have any luck with the TOSS either, but then at the end of the day, it isn’t about the toss of a coin that’s gonna dictate the result of the match, it is how a team plays across 5 days that will determine who comes out victorious.

England take the series 4 – 1.

India take back with them questions, probably a few hard decisions to make too. With another tournament [One Day Internationals] the Asia Cup just round the corner in the UAE, if India do well…. the England series would be forgotten quickly. After all, its not in an Indian’s DNA to remember the negatives, but to highlight the positives.

Team India needs to build a good team, they have a good captain at the helm. It takes the right attitude and most importantly the right set of players to transform mere “competing” with “winning”. 

Cricket is a game of numbers. Nobody looks at individual performances, it is the end scoreline that dictates a tour.

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