I am a book best “closed” or should I say “selectively open”?


Most times people do not know where to draw a line – lines are crossed and that’s how relationships are strained.

Back off! Give me my space! You needn’t know every single detail of what’s going on in my life.

…are definitely words I’m gonna say soon enough, if people don’t stop asking too many questions and trying to claw their way into my life.


Look at the picture at the right side:
Imagine that’s me in the middle there.. you see those red hearts around? – That’s the number of people who actually get to come into my circle (a.k.a my life), those would be:
– my mum
– my dad
– my sibling (sister)
– a cousin
– an aunt/uncle
– the best friend
– the life partner (fingers crossed on that one)

that’s it – no one else gets in. Not everyone gets to be in the circle

[notice how the last 4 are all in singular?]

I am an absolute closed book except for these above people, who know the unsaid before its uttered & feel the unspoken before its expressed. No surprises. The good, the not so good [at times] and of course the moody.

Some things are just better left unsaid – People should really keep their lives to themselves, I could care less what’s happening in your life. I don’t share my life with you, what makes you want to pour out your stories to me? – Not Interested. Let’s talk about the weather, that new car you bought or the fact that you didn’t check my blog and comment on my latest post. Now that’s conversation.
To drive that point further into your heads, putting it in a different way – Your sh*t is your sh*t. When did everyone start telling everyone everything? as in to say – you are close to me and I wanna share my life history with you – No Thank You, I have my own sh*t to handle.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from life is.. [I’ve learnt a lot more…] that the more you keep to yourself, the more people are curious to know what’s happening in your life. And don’t even get me started with the different versions of stories that begin floating around. It’s amazing how people can make stories that don’t even exist.

I believe I am a closed book (..and why not) but people read me like I am open.

4 Replies to “I am a book best “closed” or should I say “selectively open”?”

  1. People are nosy. It best to keep quiet and not reveal anything.

  2. Yes, I too kind of believe that telling everyone everything is not an easy task and it can’t be done…what you feel…what you think…are your matters and to tell people your thoughts word to word can be very tiring and thus you loose the beauty of your relationship with that person….I think we should tell things to people whom we really feel comfortable with…and to bring that comfort zone, well that is gonna take some time….so for time being just relax and live life king size 😉

  3. I too think that telling everything to every people is not an easy task…we should be telling people whatever we want and share things with those whom we find comfortable…and to be at that comfort zone, well i guess that is going to take some time 😉

    1. we’re all still learning…

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