When the Face says it all

You haven’t as yet expressed your feelings about what you’ve just heard ..but your face has already given initial indications of how you’ve perceived the news.

How irritating is that!!?
Message sent acrossMessage decoded…and now its all suddenly weird [at least for those few seconds]

…because trust me! No 2nd person is ever happy for you, however happy you may seem to be from the outside. Its got nothing to do with select individuals.. it comes in the package of being a human being 🤥

Ever realized when people want to give you “news”, they never really do it in crowded places or over a phone call, email or social network – but instead choose quiet places – preferably [face-to-face] in a cafe, by the sea shore, or on a drive etc. The news could be anything from getting married – to – being pregnant – or – going abroad – or even – bonking your neighbor. Not that these are not everyday things that people do, its just that ‘I suppose’ needs another’s approval of sorts, as if to ask if he/she has done the right thing.

I’ve had all such “news” been told to me in various places 😛
..like a colleague drove 8 kms to the beach that I was, at that moment, only to tell me that he was getting married, another surprisingly reached my door step to give me her wedding invitation card.
Another friend met up over coffee to give me the news that she was pregnant.

One thing is clear… my friends clearly want “an instant [face] reaction” on how I perceive the news they give me. More times than not, there will get one – unless I already get feelers from other people about the impending news.

I’m working really hard, to not give an instant expression about anything, coz most of the times… a conclusion is already derived from the first few seconds of a meeting (whether I’m comfortable or not.. and how generally the next few minutes will pan out)

We’ve all had those moments:
The girl we’ve crushed on as long as we know…getting married. Worse still if she’s now your best friend and invites you for the wedding. Absolute heartbreak! Untitled But you don’t want to show it… and you end up going for the reception [for the free booze & food ..and the ‘Friendship’ of course] 😂🤣

and then a few months later, she tells you she’s pregnant… Really! Did she have to tell me that? 🤔

Ever been in that situation? [For a guy] How on earth are you supposed to react to news like that? Of course you’re happy and all for her and her baby and all..baby but do you touch her tummy [that’s the tricky part really.. can’t touch too high or too low] or just giggle and ask ‘how’s it going’?

At least the people I know.. do this. They’ll always want to meet, they’ll never say why, and then BAM! Worse still, they’ll simply end up at home.. and I’m not very good at surprises, but then again if you want to see me in a ~never-seen-avatar-expressions-et- al~ you got to catch me unawares, at all other times, I am prepared.

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  1. Too good…written and expressed to the point…actually its true…when ot comes to delivering a news (good or bad), we want to be in a quiet place…and this i realised now! A quiet place is always the best…and it becomes heaven with someone you love…and share a news with…ofcourse a good news 😊😊😊

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