Great ‘Textpecations’ [Indian Novel]

gtTo begin with, I loved the spin the author gave to the word ‘expectations’, turning it around to suit the story of the novel – which I have to admit, got me to buy the book in the first place. Much like the protagonist in the book, Amaya – I too love playing around with different words.

You will notice I have used the word ‘loved’ in the very first sentence of  this post, unfortunately for me, it went all downhill from there

Let me get to the book directly… [which really isn’t much]
Amaya’s role (as in who she is, what she does etc) does take a long time to kick in…you really aren’t sure – till much later. As you read on, you come across more characters (not necessarily needed as they did not add too much value to the story) Besides the text exchanges between Amaya & Rohan (which was the main essence of the book, I suppose) the book falls flat! I really can’t tell if the story was about Amaya, her ’boutique bookstore’, Rohan & Amaya’ or something else.

The other main character (other than Amaya) Rohan, seemed like having a split personality, he was this different person through texts and a totally opposite in his real personality.. so that was really weird in my opinion!

I’m not sure what I “really” expected (besides the obvious text conversations), reading a book with the Title as catchy as that. I will have to say that, while the texting part was good, as I was able to learn new vocabulary in course of reading the novel, there was nothing special in it, to spark my interest in particular – to finish reading it in one go.

It missed an ‘X’ factor, if at all the author thought of something like that.

The book is NOT a breezy read (as some reviews claim it to be)


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