Weddings are only fun.. if they’re not your own


Its wedding season in Goa.. and while the to-be-married-couples & their families, don’t mind spending tons of money on them (after all it is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime day) for the rest of the us people, it is par-tayyy time! Free food, drinks & entertainment, and all we have to do is show up [preferably with a gift]

I  love weddings…

…seeing two imperfect people coming together, joining hands in front of God, declaring their love for each other… the smiles… the tears, the excitement & nervousness at the same time… the varied emotions running through the couple and their families.

How often does one get to see so many of these things – all at once?

Of course all this is so cool… only when – I’m not the one up there at the altar.

Someday – Yes! Maybe! Till then… there are so many people getting married out there!

I might not have attended every wedding I was invited for.. but for those that I have, they’ve been very special, either the couple was or the caterers were. If both then it was a BONUS.

Things I’ve learned attending weddings:

(a) The wedding is more than “just the couple”. Accepted: You are primarily there because the couple has invited ‘you’ to be part of their big day. While the main focus is on every move the couple makes, it is their family and the guests that actually make the wedding a success, it is supposed to be.

Weddings are not about the frills and fancy, its about the people

(b) A wedding is a great place to meet other married people, Hoping to find your soul mate in a 4 hour wedding reception is highly unlikely. If you do (you’re lucky) and you’re likely to find them outside the rest-room, either entering or exiting.

(c) Little kids in formal attire are just plain adorable (again of course if they’re not your kids) The kids we have always turn out to be the worst behaved in a wedding. If you’re single attending a marriage reception with your family, you’ll end up pulling at least cheeks of two innocent small children. (for the record, children hate that)

(d) The food served at the buffet says a lot about the couple. Believe it or not – good food is remembered much longer than the actual names of the couple’s wedding you ate it at.

(e) It’s really nice to hear the bride and groom express how they feel about each other (after the cutting of the cake.. and any other time [during the reception]) Not everyone can express their true feelings.. but if there’s one day best suited to do so… it is on their wedding day. Of course in the church as well…expressing their vows to each other. Anyone can read lines from a book, but its what comes out from the Heart that touches people the most.

(f) It’s one thing to have wonderful wedding, but it’s more important to have a good marriage. While the wedding is just 1 day… a marriage lasts for a lifetime.

One of the best gifts that God could give us, is the “person” he has chosen for us, to be united with, in Holy Matrimony.


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  1. Nice post and a very apt description of a wedding. Just after exiting the stage after congratulating the couple, people are more interested about the food then and the couple is soon forgotten. Some of them don’t even bid a goodbye on leaving the venue .

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      All said and done… a wedding celebration is just like any other. Fun, frolic and letting yourself go (especially while dancing) and of course the food. You gotta love the food. Thanks for reading Savitha 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. I love reading your posts. So thanks to you for that.

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          My pleasure! Whenever inspiration strikes – I’ll have a post ready to be read 🙂

  2. Such a cute description of wedding day and its perks! Ofcourse when one of the reasons is food for which we go to a wedding, the other reason is the couple…and I really love watching the bride in her most beautiful attire ever….💖💖 It is such a blessing to have your better half with you after that “wonderful day of wedding”…😇😇

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      you bet dear 🙂

    2. theextraaamile says: Reply

      …and as always thankyou for reading :p

      1. Its always fun to read your posts…so looking forward to read more of them 😊😊 thank you for bringing up the ideas of your mind in this creative way 😊

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          anything for the blogging community. It’s a whole lot of fun out here on WordPress 🙂

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