‘Your Identity’ – the Business/Visiting Card

Ever found yourself with a minimum of 5 (or more) visiting cards at a particular given time in your wallet/handbag/purse? And you suddenly begin to wonder (when the visiting cards exceed the number of currency notes) Where did they all come from?

A visiting card – a reminder of a person you once met.

Almost every working individual possesses a visiting card nowadays. It is one thing putting yourself out there through ‘Social Media’ (Facebook, Twitter and the likes) its a whole different feeling to see your name printed on your own personal visiting card.

When words fall short, flash out your visiting card

I never really understood the concept of why a visiting card was ever needed, why would people waste paper just to have something they call their own, only to give it away the next moment to people free of cost. Don’t people remember each other without the aid of something like – a visiting card? Apparently NO. People have a very short memory span, hence a visiting card helps refresh memory and put a face to a card when picked out. 

It was only recently, that I understood the value of having a visiting card of my own. An English Teacher by profession, normally would not need any special introduction or publicity, but I guess if one wants to go beyond the work he/she does at a particular school/organisation, one needs an advertisement – what better than to put your own visiting card to work? Though you’d think word-of-mouth would be more than enough to spread the word – but then again, not everyone understands your profession like you do.

and thus was born, what you see below:

front               back

Savio Paes (that’s myself) An English Language Educator, offering services to students & adults alike – who wish to learn, practice & improve their language skills, communication along with the written word, with attaining fluency in the language as the end-goal. From Local-to National-to International students. English is after-all a GLOBAL language.

There is nothing like giving back to society what we’ve been fortunate to learn from our teachers. And if I can do it in my little way through Language (which better than English) I’d only be happy to do so.

I’m still getting used to giving out my visiting card instead of exchanging phone numbers (something we do pretty much without thinking)  and of course – it’s still all a very new concept to me.

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  1. Nice blog post, very unconventional. I prefer to give/take a visiting card only when I know that I would have to contact or would expect contact from that person in future.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thank you for reading and the appreciation too 🙂 I did just get rid of a whole lot of visiting cards I had collected (some business’s of which are closed too) :p

  2. Ohhh now I know that you are a English teacher by profession…😇😇
    Nicely done like always…and I too waiting for my visiting card…maybe one day 😅

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Shweta…An English teacher 😉 not ‘a English teacher’ 😄😁

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply


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