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The Raisin (being silly me)

Raisin This is a raisin

These are a bunch of raisins dry-raisin-500x500

Now the FACT: I do not like raisins.

It’s not like have an enmity towards the dry grape or anything – in fact the funny thing is that, I love grapes as a fruit, but with raisins its just somehow different. I mean.. have you ever touched a raisin – they’re so soft, it almost feels like a deflated fruit or should I say one with very low confidence levels. The normal grape on the other hand is FIRM, now I like that – I like firm. Firm is good.

Its just soft… I mean its like soft soft.. I can’t get myself to eating it. If I see them in a cooked dish or a dessert, the first few minutes would be solely dedicated to searching for them, to keep them separate – and maybe offer it to the nearest person, everyone seems to like it – Not Me! (My family does think I am a little weird that way – what can I say? may be I am sometimes)

Its just weird putting something already soft in your mouth. Isn’t it the mouth’s job to do that (mastication)

How does one make a soft food item softer?

Scared Jurassic Park GIF


 …and don’t get me started with jelly. How is one supposed to eat jelly? It’s soft and it moves too…

Soft is ‘comfort’Hard is ‘difficulty’

…if we look at it in the perspective of Life.

I guess in a way, it says a lot about me as a person. I find myself most uncomfortable when treated in any kind of  “special”. Yes, there are some really wonderful people  out there, who want to make you feel special.. but then, what happens if making one feel special is not your thing? I tend to wonder – why is he/she being extra nice? Does he/she have an agenda? When actually it may be nothing like that…

But that’s me – the un-edited version. Its for you to judge.

Do you see me as a Mango or the Avocado?

3 thoughts on “The Raisin (being silly me)

  • savitha's Blog
    October 15, 2018 at 12:09 AM

    Jelly is one thing I abhor and raisins are too sweet which I’m not that fond of. And I too feel suspicious of every person who is too sweet and nice to me cos I do not fall in that cateogory😃.

    • theextraaamile
      October 15, 2018 at 7:58 AM

      Sweet…and not to mention ‘soft’ too 😂😂

  • savitha's Blog
    October 15, 2018 at 8:08 AM


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