Goin' the Extra..aaamile

…and if anyone forces you to go one mile, go also the second mile

Believing in a thing called ‘Love’


…smiling & greeting fellow runners, while on your evening jog
…sharing a joke with the shopkeeper over an oddly shaped potato
…an embrace with a family member after a month-long trip
…an unexpected call from a friend
…a dance with a total stranger
…carrying a baby in your arms

Do the above situations qualify as ‘love’? What about the everyday moments we have with people? Does ‘Love’ qualify only for the ones we know personally?
What is LovE then?

Love is one of the best emotions we as a human being can experience… a moment that arises to take over your mind and body alike.

As with all positive emotions, Love brings the feeling of what it feels to drink a cold glass of water on a hot day. We need not look or search for love to happen, its all around us.. in the little things we do…

Driving my car the other day, I found myself behind a lady driver…honking for her to move faster in the otherwise crowded parking area. The hot headed driver that I am, I get out of my car to confront her – as to ask her why she wasn’t moving ahead. She did something I least expected…. she smiled 😀 – I forgot everything for that moment 🤔 I got back into my car as we moved ahead slowly. What happened? A smile simply did it… a micro-moment of love, like other positive things around us, the smile literally changed my mind 😳

When filled with love, we see fewer distinctions between us and the other. Love makes connections, be it your neighbor, the staff behind the bank counter or your colleague at work.

Love give us a sense of oneness and connection..


..what else do we live for ..if not for connections?

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