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Conversations have become texting
Discussions happen on conference calls
..and feelings are uploaded as status updates on social platforms

Some life we’re living! Less and less of human interaction, more and more time spent on devices.

But can you blame people?

Lives have become busier and the little free time we get (at break time, traveling time or at nights), we would rather be to ourselves.. with of course little gadgets in our hand, we call a smart phone... while we “think” we’re by ourselves – we are really not. There’s of course a part of our life we need to dedicate time to.. or being connected as the kids call it nowadays…even if it means on Facebook and twitter.
Life has become a whole lot convenient and customized. We choose the people we like, ignore the ones we don’t… pretty much like an off and on switch. We use people when we need them, dump them when we don’t. Don’t tell me you dis-agree! We may not do it intentionally, but it happens…and its almost like an auto-run function of the human working system.

Let’s go back a few years, surely relationships weren’t this bad. People had time for each other, neighbors/relatives visited each other and it didn’t always have to be a reason to do so… but nowadays – everything comes with an Agenda. Yes! Absolutely! that’s just how it is. More so, when we live in a generation where “unlimited calling” is an option people have and yet, they do not have enough to share with one another. With apps available galore, the world is getting a smaller place indeed.. however at the same time our lives are getting confined to smaller spaces – me – my things and my surroundings. 

Looking at mum and dad and the way they ‘still’ have lengthy conversations with their friends – I wonder, if there is a friend if ever, I could call.. and actually have a decent conversation about life, laugh and joke about different things, more importantly connect with another human being (I certainly need to give a harder look at my contact list if I could find one from there I could pick out)

Let alone talk, smiles are hard to come by. At least the last I heard, smiles were still Tax-free and yet… it is so difficult to find it on people’s faces. They are replaced with the more in-the-times ‘air kisses’ that people blow to each other or the ‘muaaaaah’s’ people exchange as young people of today refer to them as.

We’re living in a pretty harsh, cold and indifferent world.

Not sure which part of the world you are reading this from.. is it the same around your place too?

Or are things a little better at your end?

Signin’ off…



11 Replies to “Life as we live it – TODAY”

  1. I smile, there is a dose of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly all over.
    Guess, we just have to take them all on the chin, make it work for us and toss out what does not.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes indeed. No point pondering over every little thing that happens. Sometimes looking at the bigger picture works better…

  2. True. I agree with you. Now it’s all about fake smiles, friendships and add to it the fake emojis people send to each other. Birthdays are remembered just cause they are notified on Facebook. People are busy (or act busy) but are always seen online. Being by oneself has become the norm now and it’s satisfying in one way.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Don’t even get me started on FB birthday notifications…people need reminders for everything. No one remembers..rather they don’t care to remember or do something special for another. It’s all about I, Me, Myself.

    2. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thankyou for reading and for your valuable comments, Savitha. Appreciated a lot.

      1. You’re welcome savio. I like reading your posts.

  3. Very well written..

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Hey Ayesha, welcome to the extraa..aaamile 🙂 How are you doing today.. and yup, thank you for reading 😊

      1. Doing about you ? My pleasure.. 😊

        1. theextraaamile says: Reply

          Today has started well, lets see how the day pans out for the remaining hours. You have an amazing one.

          1. Wishing you the same.. 🙂

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