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Impressing MEN

It is a FACT that it doesn’t take much to impress a MAN.

Showing up naked most times does the trick.. but then that isn’t quite the right option for everyone, at least not the most viable option. What comes next then?

Lets see…

  1. A smile 😀 : Most men do not know how to quite react to a woman’s smile but be forced to smile back (we would also temporarily forget what is to be done at the next moment, till that brief moment passes by) A smile definitely catches a man’s attention. [If you’ve noticed I haven’t mentioned genuine smile, women never fake smiles, they either smile or they don’t]
  2. Slow on the make-up: A simple dressed woman looks more attractive than a face-full of color shades. Presentation is important, as long as you don’t over-do it. A girl/woman who can pull jeans and a t-shirt with flat shoes and their hair in place with a simple banana clip is as hot and attractive as any other. Men like it simple, we don’t work well amidst complexities 😛
  3. Wet hair : This may not be an-every-guy thing, but it turns me on like crazy! What’s not HOT about a girl with wet hair after a shower or a dip in the pool or whatever. We understand how difficult it is to dry that hair.. but swaying it from side-to-side, trying to dry it… is something my eyes would feast on 😍
  4. Lingerie: This again is location specific (in the bedroom) but even the mere mention of the word is enough for a man to get into imagination mode. Words like lingerie, nude, boobs or any female-specific word will have men impressed and excited at the same time (it may be everyday words women use.. but when used with men, its different) its almost like a movie starts playing in the background of our minds (imagination overdrive) 😉😉
  5. Size: Guys aren’t really big on the ‘big boobs’ concept, (we work well with all sizes) 😉 – even small to medium size would do. At least that way, there is scope to get bigger. Big ones getting bigger is well.. [I don’t quite have the word for that] We may not be great at Maths, but we definitely understand body proportions. 😎 No extras are required. Bulging body parts are weird 🤨
  6. The specsy 🤓 : It may be weird thinking, but for us – its like we’re dating two girls in one – one when with the glasses on, the other when without them. Girls/women play dual roles well too, so works for both 😝
  7. Tall women: Now this totally depends on preference, while some like the cute and short others like the towering kinds. Tall girls normally win over their shorter counterparts. There’s always something about a tall girl… something like an ‘x’ factor, I’m not quite sure what that is (maybe its the air that they breathe -up there) I’ve not dated a tall girl as yet. Will tell you when I do one.. I mean date one… oops! 😛😂🤣zzzz

That reminds me of a fairly youngish woman I saw at a funeral I recently attended, she wore a dress like the one you see to the right (only that it was black and white stripes, minus the bag & heels, not showing cleavage and the it was a little longer with sunglasses on the head)

[If you’re a girl trying to imagine it in your head – don’t bother you won’t get it, it’s a guy thing]

What was supposed to be a somber atmosphere all around because of the funeral et all, suddenly started to look up (for me at least) because of just one person. Nothing spectacular, simple with everything in its correct proportions… now that was some woman! 💃

And as as always.. the first thing I looked at are the girls fingers and if I could spot a ring on it… and there wasn’t. She did disappear rather quickly after everything was over.

So as you see, I am easily very impressed. The 7 points mentioned above are most applicable to me, and may be some like minded men. Sure they’d be many more, maybe I’ll make a Part II if I can remember more of them.

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2 thoughts on “Impressing MEN

  • turning20web
    November 10, 2018 at 8:12 PM

    Oh gosh!!
    We specy girls have dual shades..
    Loved your view…!!

    • theextraaamile
      November 10, 2018 at 9:01 PM

      So its official… I do like you now :p

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