Happy Children’s Day


mein ek nanha sa.. pyara sa.. chota sa.. bachcha hoon

…probably one of the few things we remember Shakti Kapoor for.

To all the children out there and for those adults who refuse to grow up – A very Happy Children’s Day to you all.. 😂😂😅🕺

The innocence, the mischief, the games, the fights, the scrapes & bruises etc… we’ve all seen those days.. but if given the chance, would we want to go back to being children?

Give yourself a hard look in the mirror today. What do you see? Do you still see traces of your naughty self in it? Have we taken those few extra seconds to admire & smile 😀 at ourselves in the mirror? God alone knows – how many times we’ve smiled at others, let alone ourselves.

Do you miss being that version of you who could jump, run, sing without care and dance like no one is watching and laugh at ourselves? I’m sure we all do.
You tell someone to come for a morning run and they’ll come out with all kinds of excuses these days.. have the years gone by taken its toll on you?

Yes! We’ve all grown up to be these responsible citizens and we need to watch what we do, say and how we act around people. But this one day, can we dedicate just this one day and go a little crazy 😝😆 – I mean… a little more than normal? We all have our 😜“coo-coo” 😜 moments everyday, lets go a little extra..aaaa with it today maybe? 🤪🤪

I suggest you let yourself go.. this 14th November 2018. Do something childish, be totally cool with it… and then post it here on your blog or on Facebook or Twitter and be proud of your achievement.

I’ll tell you what you can do… not too difficult and a whole lot of fun… let’s all do it

Ring a neighbor’s doorbell and run… 🤪🤪 sounds fun? Who is with me? 😎😎

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  1. So true Savio, in the journey of growing up we lock up the child in us……ringing the neighbors bell and running…..sounds like fun…..time to put on our kids shoes 🙂 :).

  2. If not ringing the neighbour’s doorbell, atleast indulge yourself in loads of chocolates and ice cream today and if your parents refuse and tell you to stop eating so much of it then happily throw a tantrum and a bit of yelling can also help cause its children’s day today. 😅☺️

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      ..coming from a foodie, this comment was expected 😅😅

  3. I am a full time kiddo of my age group…people in my frnd circle are like “grow up yr”…but I love this naiveness in me…😅😅 makes me a different person from others…having said that I always make myself aware of this fact…be a child from heart but never act childish…

    And I love Kids…Really 💖💖💖💖

    1. That bodes well for you Shweta. We all are lost once we grow up…and somewhere down the line, we forget what it is like to enjoy, have fun and do stupid little things 😉
      I guess you ‘being yourself’ is why people like you so much. That is your USP. Keep it up ..

      1. Well i guess you are right 😉 being a child is my USP 😌😌😌

  4. I never let the child in me die. It’s a conscious effort I make everyday.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      That’s wonderful to hear..

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