British Council – Mumbai


The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

Yes! It is a pretty BIG DEAL.

If English language is your thing, you would want to see the BEST of what the language has to offer.
Can it get any bigger that the BRITISH COUNCIL? No? I thought so too.

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to be part of a 3-day Masterclass for the I.E.L.T.S Trainers Workshop with the British Council, Mumbai.
..and if I thought that I was among the few privileged Indians to have excellent communication skills in English (at least better than the average Indian) – on meeting & interacting with the other 19 participants including staff – I was found to be listening more, rather than showcasing the little I had learnt thus far in life.
There is always so much to learn from others, rather than show the world what you are made of. And we do know, it is only the BEST that come to the British Council.👍

The take-away’s from a 3-day I.E.L.T.S Trainers workshop will always be massive, going ahead. It isn’t just taking in on what is taught, but also the wealth of new ideas exchanged in the classroom, in the most conducive of learning environments and sharing room space with the best of language teachers/trainers/educators in the house. That is what makes British Council what it is.

You’d think 3 days is too much fitted into too little, and by the time you get to the 3rd day, you’ve taken so much in… that it almost becomes a set process, but then its time to leave. Its all over!

It’s an experience! So much has happened in so little. You are NOW prepared to practice what you’ve learnt. Go out there and give it your best! 👍

They say a picture speaks a thousand words… (below is the picture of the 3-day I.E.L.T.S Trainers workshop batch) You’ll have to look a little harder to spot me though! 🧐 (Not so much of a front of the camera lens person)


20 (-1 who left early) of us in a batch.. and what’s ironic is that – the best looker was the trainer 😂😎😂 Who says beauty with brains isn’t an actual thing? 🕺

Any guesses who the trainer is in the picture? 🤔



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