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“Working as an assistant wedding planner at an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, Meha encounters the delectably handsome wedding photographer, Samir. Conceited and a flirt, Samir reveals that the bride happens to be his ex. But when Meha finds out that Samir is using their relationship only as experiential material for his novel, she leads him to believe that he means nothing to her. Their chapter closes”

A 230 page, read-in-one-day novel. Told from a girl’s point of view (which isn’t very common) – so I definitely enjoyed reading this one.

Now for the story:

The synopsis gives you quite a bit of information of what (you as a reader) can expect from the 200 odd pages, which is quite a joy ride TBH. It does teach you a thing or two about romance and relationships (that is if you didn’t already know) The story is well written which directly connects to the reader.

As far as the characters are concerned, they all strike a chord with the reader – be it the two main characters in Meha & Samir or the side characters, which play an equally important role to how the story pans out. The story is very easily written out, making readers understand the flow and wanting to know more with the turn of every page. The authoress doesn’t over do the dialogues nor the portrayal of the characters, It all very well fits in..and its almost like you can sense a movie running in front of your eyes as you keep reading (bollywood has ruined us with where our imagination can take us)

Samir is a character all guys would resonate highly to – as he plays the flirt (maybe not an intentional one but more like.. he’s a natural at it) his cheesy lines and humor is fun to read all through. His character is like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise a steady book. The way Meha’s mind works is fun to read too.

Though the one question that does arise (after reading the novel) is:

Who on earth invites their ‘ex’ to their wedding? That too as the wedding photographer or a wedding planner?

But considering the whole novel is based on this concept, it is refreshing to see how the authoress goes about writing the story. I would say a worth read (once) – unless you’re a fan of the authoress, weddings, or the crush that you might develop for Samir (as you read along)

I normally do not like to rate books, for I do understand what it takes to write a story – and not everyone can do it, though everyone has a story to tell. But for an indication of whether you should pick up the book to read or not, all I can say is that – you will not be disappointed.

A 3/5, simply because of the ‘hinglish’ used in between (song lyrics), which can totally turn off a reader. And also for the fact that I pay too much attention to grammatical errors.. I managed to pick out  a few 🙁

However Good Job! Parul Mittal

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  1. Aiyya! Grammatical errors do kill the mood. Its as if you’re yanked right out of the story because of a misspelled word. But that aside, this sounds like a Bollywood type story. Is it?

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Aren’t they all like that? All come from the Chetan Bhagat school of writing.

      1. Chetan Bhagat school of writing 😀 😀 Love that. Yes, they do seem liek that.

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