99% copy or First copy?


Its obvious that when you enter a shop, the shopkeeper will show you their fastest selling product first along with their most expensive items on the shelf.. and going by the ‘average conversation’ an Indian has with a shopkeeper, it takes anything between 3-5 minutes to gauge how cheap that Indian standing in front of you is… when he starts bargaining on prices or to simply put it in a sentence ‘show me something cheaper or less expensive..  a haggling of prices, a few rupees up and down before the final price is settled on.

..but what happens when the need is high, would the price then matter? do you settle for any price, a suitable price… or do we see a negotiation there too?

It was in Mumbai that I went to buy a charger at roughly 10 pm at night, on a hungry stomach and a draining out mobile phone battery, I was desperate for a charge – both for my stomach and my mobile phone. I chose to go to the tiniest of mobile shops on the road to buy one (history tells us that ‘smaller the shop, cheaper the items) on asking the preliminary questions of which company, type etc, he took out a charger from his wooden drawer – Rs. 250/- he said 🤔😲

Now as an Indian, we have this innate urge to dis-agree with everything at first, complain a little and after having our say, eventually do what was told to us – irrespective of what it may be. Its just our way of operating 😜 if its your lucky day, you may just have your way! Now you’d think INR 250/- is an okay price for a mobile charger – but NO! What if I could get it for lesser still (I could save a few measly rupees to eat vada pao and cutting chai on the footpath) 

Getting back, the shopkeeper is like, original Samsung – ‘first copy charger’ – best price for you” 😂 – like he is doing me a favor!

My question is – how is it the best price? He hasn’t shown me what a good price or a better price is – directly the best? (there has to be some order right? Adjective-Comparative-Superlative) I like to have my options. Seeing me clearly not falling for his marketing gimmicks, he asks me

“99% copy chalega?” 🤨 He fishes out a couple of other boxes from his wooden drawer, he continues:

“Rs. 130/- only… 99% copy, mast item!” 

Now when a mumbaikar says an item is ‘mast’ it generally must be, they are generally great judges of ‘mast maal’

I have the urge to ask him the difference between the two, but my stomach is growling – I pay Rs. 130/- and walk away with my 99% copy charger. He is happy, I am happy (where’s 250 and where’s 130, I’m easily saving 120) I walk to the nearest hotel, time to fill up my stomach. I have a filling dinner. In Rs. 250 I got a mobile charger and a dinner.

Now am I not smart!? 🤑😛😎

Just for information sake, how much does a 100% original Samsung charger cost?

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  1. Indians will always be indians when it comes to bargaining 😉

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      We have the copyrights! 🙂

  2. Ah!! It must have been so satisfying t get the charger cheap 😛 . I guess we probably bargain so much is also because we’ve all been fooled at least once in our lives when we paid way over what a product was actually worth.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Oh yes! The satisfaction was beyond words 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting :p

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