December – the season of Joy!

..but do we know what JOY actually is? Let me see if it can be broken down further…

If we wish to have real lasting Joy, we don’t have to look too far than the 3 alphabets JOY is made up of..

J stands for Jesus. 

If we want Joy, Jesus MUST come first. We must give him the best and the first place in our lives and make him the center of all that we are and do, pleasing him in all things – all times and in all places

The second letter of the word JOY is O.

O stands for Others. Others must come second after Jesus. Family, neighbors, friends – all these form the second circle. We love them, care for them and help them, joy therefore being a by product. We get it only when we give it.

And by now, if you know where I am going with this..  Y stands for You

When we think of ourselves last, we experience joy. When we recall and remember the good and happy times, we will realize that it was when we thought of ourselves last.


Let Joy be a part of everything we do..

In our work, in our relationships and most importantly in ourselves. 


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  1. Jesus, others and you…that was a really cute msg 😊😊😊

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