Not much to catch up on.. but definitely worth a peep-into what’s happening around in my not-so-happening-life.

For one..

Marked safe

Just way too many weddings in the year! Celebrities aside, even friends, colleagues etc. What’s with 2018 and weddings? If 2018 are for weddings, then 2019 are for babies. 

Well, if you’re single like me.. not much that one can do but make jokes about oneself, isn’t it? 

Secondly.. Man-getting-fatter-because-of-hormones-in-plastic-and-soy-research-claims-521126

Put on a few kg’s in weight. with all the love I have.. it needs to be directed somewhere right – if not at a person – food is the next best option..

And where is the best food available at? Yes, at home definitely! But nothing like eating it for free at weddings, parties and social gatherings. That brings me to Number 3. Attended a few more than the usual choose-the-function-I-feel-like-going-to.
There’s never a dearth of functions, people are always looking to celebrate and show off.  The bigger the function, the better the food. Give them a little importance, get yourself an invite. Enjoy the food. Clothes can always be altered later.

Number 4. Love (romantic wala) in my life remains still elusive… so that’s another year passing by. Hopefully someone, someday somewhere… (yes I know I keep mentioning it.. but not doing anything about it)


Lastly, Have never been disappointed in the year so far. I’ve had “zero expectations” and its worked wonders for me. I have been pleasantly surprised though a few times, which always feels good.

That’s about rounds about what the year 2018 has been for me… no surprises, no major disappointments, a couple of “firsts”.. and small adjustments to what the whole story of what ‘Savio’ is all about.


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  1. For all the five points, make it two, except I unwillingly lost a few kgs! I do plan to regain them in ’19 but besides that, pretty much expect everything else to remain the same 😉

  2. Your write-ups are simple yet speaks volume. Keep it up and you will go places. Keep writing your heart out.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Yes, that has always been the endeavor – to write from the Heart. Thank you for your kind words

      1. You’re most welcome. ❤

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