The Bloggin’ Year of 2018

Its been 6 years or blogging journey. Having blogged about almost anything -n- everything that’s come up as an idea in my head.. I’m far from done as yet. Surely there’s a lot more coming your way in 2019. But like every year, I write a handful of blogs from a handful of personal experiences or things that I see happening in front of me.

Another year is passing by… memories made, experiences had, moments treasured, friendships strengthened etc

A look-back to some of the posts I’ve written throughout the year. I do think, I  become a little more serious with every passing year – I can see it in some of the topics I have chosen to blog about in 2018.

Growing up isn’t fun, is it?

If you’ve missed out on reading some of ’em, feel free to catch them up here….

A Me Post

The Online life


Who am I?

Speech Filter

Life on Lease

I understand


…and there’s always a post or two when I’ve been my silly self, after all I always believe in a healthy mix.

As a..

The Indian home

A Sign



..the odd Educational/Informative Post

A Costly Affair

Even as I type out this post, there’s an incoming thought.. an abstract idea running through my head.. A new post on the horizon!

See you on the other side of a new post. 

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