Do we give LOVE a chance?


“I wish I could say that love is a simple thing for me. But it’s not..

…because if you’re going to trust someone with your love, they have to be the kind of person you could trust with your life”

Love comes to us at no particular age.. but it surely comes when we are least prepared for it. So to say I’ve never been in love would be wrong, however giving it the right nutrients to blossom – was where I probably lacked, with the right skills.

To give you a count till date, Love has happened 3 times (to be exact) in my life.. at the ages 18, 26 and then again at 31. You’d think I’d get better at it with the experience… but the thing with Love is, we can never be quite sure of the packaging.

However, I’ve done the next best thing, the first girl is the password to my first ever email ID at Yahoo, the second one of the currently in-use, GMAIL and the 3rd, my password for all online card transactions – how’s that? Not a bad way in keeping them alive right?

I will turn 37 on the 9th January this year (4 days from today) and while I am the biggest advocate of love (till date), I still haven’t been able to apply it to my own life or at least I’m not doing something right, or maybe – am I not ready to give Love a chance?

New or old, I guess when it comes to love, you give it all you have – something that we are not really good at doing in today’s day and age, for the fear that our weakness’s will be exposed and used against us, After all isn’t that what we see around us happening?

People using one another for their own benefits?

But then again not everyone is like that, but how then – do we find the difference? Like a friend once said to me

“With love, there is no room for a third wheel – be it doubts, misunderstandings or another person. With love, you give it your all or nothing”

How does one do that?

We find ourselves at crossroads especially in this aspect because we’re told or somehow seem to believe that love is hard and impossible. It isn’t something you get into and are assured a bed of roses, it is ‘Work-in-Progress’.

But when one thinks about the person you want to share this love with, it is surely the most beautiful feeling, I would understand. It is the people we share this love with that often makes it worth the effort.
If we don’t take the chance, how will we know if love is ever an option? It might turn out to be something good.. but only if we give it a chance.



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  1. You are simply amazing. I love the way you treated the girls you have once loved and dated. It shows how matured you are and how kind your heart is. I used to think falling in love was main deal, until i learned that walking in love is the greatest.

    When you fall in love, you can get hurt, break a bone or even never be able to get up. But when you walk in love, you get to enjoy the ride together. You support each other, balance each other, become each others strength and continually study each other along the way.

    So, walk in love rather than fall in love. Lovely post. I’m thrilled i dropped by.

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thank you for visiting and reading, Whitney. Hope you could drop in and read more 🙂 Thank you again for dropping by!

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