The concept of a “New Year”

I’ve been actually searching and thinking to myself what to write about… 5 days into a year and I’ve already run out of ideas? Can’t be! Since we’re still practically young into the year, these are some of my thoughts on what A New Year means to me:

‘A New Year’ as a motivation for change, because as human being we need symbols to follow & to feel the mark the passing of time. new beginnings be a better version of myself

Yes, it is a new calendar year, but nothing really changes – does it? You still have to go to work at the same office, return to the same marriage partner, deal with the same problems.. living the same monotonous life. So life basically remains the same.

Enter 1st January and the call on New Years Resolutions – a question that is pretty much on everyone’s mouth “What are your new year resolutions”?
Really!? Why wait for a beginning of a year to start, isn’t every morning a new beginning of sorts?

Though a new year does not mean much to me, it is in a way, of me becoming a more mature version of myself, letting go of people that never really cared, situations that happened in the past and not carrying dead weight around into the future (the problem with that being, I drop way too many people.. and at the rate I am going, I would soon run out of people that I may actually like, I might have to adopt a few dogs to understand the real meaning of friendship & loyalty)

It is a reminder to myself that I am bigger than my problems and no matter what people might say or not say, I can still overpower it all and surge ahead.

Ushering a new year may be just another occasion for some to throw a party, get drunk and make merry.. but for the others, it is a chance to make most of the Gift of breath’ that God chooses to continue giving us, to live another day and make the best of it. Not everyone gets that privilege..not everyone. Some wonderful people have left us along, with the year gone by.. and here we are – to witness a whole new year ahead of us..

Don’t you consider yourself blessed? You should by now.. if you haven’t as yet. 


* I tend to write the harshest of truths here on my blog.. but then again my blog posts are a reflection of what I truly feel, and I’ve got to let the feelings out somewhere..

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  1. I do think the same…new year isn’t something that i am/was more crazy about….yes I was happy seeing people around me dancing in happiness….but then truth never changes! I also clear out people from my life, not because i dont like them, but because we just cant carry it any further…and then the dogs, ofcourse i really need to take a dog for myself otherwise i dont think a true frnd exist now a days! All are simply frnds with benefits…
    Seeing all the negatives, i never give up hope, it is still a long way to go and i think new year is just another year, it is “we”that make it special by our good deeds 😇😇😇

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Lovely thoughts dear, nice of you to share them.

  2. Happy new year! 🙂

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