What’s your story like?


Do you have a story to tell?

Of course we do.

We love telling stories, more so when they are of another person. They might not always be true, partly fabricated to an extent but a story nevertheless – and like all stories, it needs to be shared (loosely termed as gossip) and of course they all come with a moral. We take back a little something from every story.

What a better place than a family function? – How about a wedding in the family? Boy! don’t a lot of stories come out on special occasions, and not necessarily always the good ones.. the comparisons of the ‘Before’ & ‘After’‘what has been’ & ‘what will be’, after all as family members, we take it upon ourselves to be the best judge of knowing the people we interact day-in-day-out inside out.. and as we sit back and watch the drama unfold, phrases like ‘didn’t I tell you…’ or ‘it was bound to happen’ make their way, suggesting that sometimes we already know the story before hand

We are all part of little stories happening around us, the people we meet, the interactions we have, the different things we do…we all have a story of our own and as we meet other our stories meet and intermingle taking our stories forward…. and no matter how long or short our stories eventually turn out to be, the motive should be to make it an interesting one.

Indians are never short of stories, no wonder train journey’s around the country are always interesting (you’ll rarely see a person getting off a train with a sad face) – people are always sharing their life experiences. Even if by chance you do not find yourself talking to anyone, you would be almost forced to hear a few other people sharing an interesting story about some other member of their family – while you may have no clue who the people are, one begins feel part of it.. after all who doesn’t like listening to an interesting story – we all do… and that’s the beauty of living in India. The best part of it being, its just not restricted to Indians in India, but we proudly carry this trait with us all around the globe.

And if you think your stories are safe with another person (like we commonly use the phrase when sharing un-verified information with another, we always use the prefix ‘don’t tell anyone, I’m telling you only’) think again! It might just make the trip round the world and come right back to you, making you feel that the story is oddly familiar.


Ever encountered a situation like that?

..to Stories!
..to Conversations!
..to being Indian!


4 Replies to “What’s your story like?”

  1. Absolutely! Though I am not a great story teller, I have been privy to myriad stories/conversations/phone talks during the innumerable train journeys 🙂 By the end of the journey I have a store house of information on them ;-). A good day to you Savio!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      A wonderful day to you too …train journeys are the best!

  2. Yes, definitely to being Indian..The train story telling sessions are so true. Sometimes, even without being a part of the conversation, we get so engrossed in listening to tales, which co passengers are narrating 😃

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      …it doesn’t help (or rather does help) that most Indians speak & understand at least 2 other languages other than their mother-tongue. We understand everything 😃😃

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