Weighing the ‘pros’ & ‘cons’


Boy! Do I overthink a lot these days.. not sure why though! 🤔 Not sure if its a 2019 thing – coz so far whatever I’ve done in life, its always been done without proper planning or rehearsal (I like it – it rings a bell – I GO for it) be it a choice of a job, a purchase or even love for that matter – things have just FALLEN in place..and it has WORKED 😃

But now suddenly of late I have found myself thinking – that clearly can’t be a good sign now, can it?

Wait!! Have I finally *FINALLY* grown up and now understand the difference between Need & Necessity? 😲

While ‘need’ & ‘necessity’ is a similar condition, the difference between the two lies on the priority.

A need is an absolute craving of man to possess while the necessity is also a craving without which man manages to survive. 

Nah! can’t be that. I was always a careful spender, I always was aware of my priorities – spending moderate amounts of money – on moderate needs – living the very moderate life. How has it then suddenly become such a big factor?

I have gone a little over board in the ‘brain’ department when it comes to the purchases I have been wanting to make this year – none of which I have made till now, but still in the process… of thinking.

Item 1: A formal Kurta 

That’s been one thing on my list for some time now (at least since the time I knew my cousin was getting married) I visited many a store, tried out quite a few, narrowed the choice down to the best 3… finally didn’t purchase it! The price was right, so I thought was the choice – But it didn’t happen (..n the wedding is over too)

The questions I asked myself:
1. How many more times would I wear it after I wore it for the wedding?
2. What if I outgrew it quickly? It would be a dead investment after a couple of years.

The next best option was to click a snap of myself in it (in the trial room) and satisfy myself with the thought that ‘I could have looked really good in this…’

Item 2: A Kindle v/s a new Android phone

This has been going on for at least a few months now… the love for reading and the love of owning the latest android phone in the market. If you know me personally, Reading has always takes the priority but if you look at my current phone (Samsung DUOS) it is an apology and it doesn’t help that it runs like really really slow – its just painful, so a 4G phone would definitely help.

The conversation I’ve been having with myself about the above issue

Needy Savio: I should have a kindle, I love books..how long will I keep buying paper-back books? I’ll have to buy another cupboard to store the books.

Logical Savio: But a Kindle is 1 dimensional… you can only “read” books and it isn’t a multi-functional gadget, you can do nothing else

Needy Savio: I need a new phone, my current phone is an embarrassment to my personality 😜

Logical Savio: New phones are expensive, money doesn’t grow on trees. Even if you have to buy one – maybe a 2nd hand one? or a cheap new one… “Save Money” 

Needy Savio: I need a Kindle. I need a new phone. I also need a new hard disk drive for my laptop.

Logical Savio: Now where did the hard drive come from? How many gadgets will you use at one time?

Needy Savio: ~ no answer ~ I just need them all 😃

Logical Savio: *thinking* 🤔🤔

Needy Savio: I am waiting!

Emotional Savio: Hopes and prays 🙏 ‘someone will gift me one’.. whoever you are… pls hurry 😇

Item 3: A holiday

Yes a holiday, I have a few places that I want to go to… but I am un-decided.

I ask myself these questions:
a. Do I want to just get away just to be alone? 
b. Do I really want to go for a holiday to enjoy myself, see a new place – soak in the sights          and sounds
c. Do I require a holiday considering I am not really over-worked or stressed? I am pretty        chill otherwise.

But I want to get away somewhere [ALONE] anywhere will do – I just got to go… someone kidnap me please.. but also treat me nice. I want to take my books, my kindle, my mobile phone, my camera and just go…

2019 has certainly got me thinking a lot. Even as I write this… my shopping cart on Flipkart is waiting for confirmation of 3 novels I currently have in it, but considering I have 2 novels at home, still unfinished.. it would be wise to finish them and then get the new stock – BUT then I just need to have it all, don’t I?

The coming months will tell me what I end up with this year…

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  1. Lol… I also have similar confusions.. I have confusions even when I go shopping and see something really fancy that I’d love to buy but isn’t really a necessity. But end of the day, things don’t bring happiness… Its the memories we create with them… How about a small vacation to Ahmedabad when I visit? There are direct trains from Goa. Plus your lodging boarding and food would all be at my place, you get to witness pure gujju hospitality 🙂 A 2 day trip would be ideal to see my city!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’ve never been to that part of India as yet…some day surely. Familiar turf apart, it would be a pure pleasure to meet “you”and leave the other things to the un-planned..and go with the flow..

      1. Yesss… It would be awesome! We can plan something 🙂

  2. You need not worry! I don’t kidnap and I don’t bite 😀 You will be safe and sound 😉

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Oh yes! I wasn’t worried about that part at all 😀 but good that you confirmed 😉😉 Communicating with you is like a breath of fresh air, I think I’ll call it Vitamin – H

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