How good does it actually feel to be immersed in a book/novel? You’ll never know unless you experience it yourself.

Don’t feel bad when people tell you “You don’t have a life” it may be out of ignorance they say things, they’ve not experienced what you have.. and besides what do they even know about reading a book?

Reading gives the reader the wings to be, feel & experience a whole lot more, than an average person can even begin to imagine. But then again – no one is born a reader, no one just picks up random magazine books, magazines or novels and starts reading – at best we’d browse through the pictures, but then that’s about it. My journey to picking up my first novel was something like that.

It was a lazy evening with nothing much to do after a day’s work… a new town, no friends and everything to explore. I found myself walking around the town, admiring what it all had to offer – the mini supermarkets, the little juice stalls, a bakery at every corner and the odd smiling face – not that I knew anyone, sometimes its okay to smile back.
As I kept walking, I chanced upon a fairly new book store, seemed like it was only a few days before that it had been opened – they were still stocking up books onto the shelves. Its not that I’ve never entered a book store before, I have – but this time it seemed different, I was bent upon picking up a book to kill the boredom that the evenings brought upon me. I walked to one corner of the store which I marked as my starting point [The INDIAN FICTION board hovered over my head if I remember right] I picked up a random novel …and I fell in love – the love for reading. A love story that continues to encompass the little world that I live in, even till this very day. 100

…that was the beginning of my wonderful journey of reading, I’ve not looked back ever since.

It isn’t just about picking a book to read, it is like a journey we embark on, one which we haven’t been on before. The more we read, the more we are exposed to the words creating magic within us as we delve into it further. As we slowly start to disconnect from the world around us and lose ourselves in the book, we start connecting with the characters – we feel their pain, we cry when they are hurt and rejoice at their happiness. We keep reading and as we come to the end of the book, we are left with so much to ponder about..some parts of which that stay with us forever. Gently as it goes into the cupboard, we pick up the next one..taking us to another land, another set of emotions…a whole different story, teaching us valuable lessons.. that will alter our personalities and give us a whole different outlook to life.. a lot more different than even before we started.
…then how is it just another story?

When I am asked, “What are you going to do with the 150 odd books you’ve bought – now lying in your cupboard?”

How do I even begin to explain – what each of those stories have meant to me? I’ve lived a 100 lives, traveled a 100 different locations and witnessed a whole set of different emotions. Besides every man (and woman) has a story to tell…all we can do is bring their stories to life in our hearts and minds.

Novels aren’t just stories told by master storytellers..
they are ordinary stories.. told by ordinary people.. about the everyday life we live.

When I read a novel my mind expands. I tend to understand people and their choices better. I make an attempt to understand the world better. Most of all I try and  understand myself better.


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  1. Excellent work of words…😍 and yes this reminded me to finish my current novel as soon as possible because I am stuck in the middle of my imagination with the book 😅😅😅

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      I’m in the middle of one myself..an Indian novel. Which one are you reading?

      1. Winner stands alone by Paulo Coelho 😇

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