Read my first eBook

Not everyday would I look look twice at a book named ‘Done With Men’, but then on reading the synopsis of what the novel had to offer and the Goa connection – I just knew I had to get it and read it – the only issue was that the book wasn’t available in paper-back but in Kindle Edition 😲 Oh boy! I’ve never associated reading books/novels any other way, than holding it physically in my hands – this was new.

Firstly – I didn’t own a Kindle, I needed to purchase one (or so I thought initially) it was only after extensive research on the Internet, I got to know there was something known as a Kindle app available. A bright soul told me that books available in Kindle Edition are available free, so obviously I was delighted – all I got after downloading the app and searching the book on it, was a free sample 🙄 (a chapter or two at best, 5 chapters in this case) but the thing with the preview is that they always leave you hanging with the best part of the story yet to come. I went ahead and purchased by first eBook [another FIRST in my life] 😃

DWMThe author ought to give me some cash-back offer, considering I chose her book as the first to read in Kindle Edition.

Coming to the book…

This book is ‘amaze-balls’, an absolute delight to read. The authoress has done a fantastic job – story wise, character wise and location wise. Her quirky style of writing is such a pleasure to read as she unveils one adventure after another. You can’t help but laugh at certain dialogues in the book, moreover the language used in the book, is so much more superior than we are generally accustomed to with Indian fiction writing nowadays. A definite PLUS for me.

The synopsis of the book which reads:

Travel journo, Kairavi Krishna (Kay) has had it with men. After a series of disasters (losers, philanderers, leeches, mama’s boys and possessive psychos), she is all too tempted to walk out on the prospect of ever finding love. But just when Kay is Done With Men, she meets Mr. Right.
Accompanied by her best friend and flat-mate Baani, she sets off for Goa, hoping to get away from her miserable love life and vowing to stay clear of the male species.
Goa however, has a host of surprises in store for her. Ricky, her pesky ex-boyfriend, is busy painting the town red with his hot new girlfriend. Now what is poor Kay to do, other than overdose on vodka, smoke pot, get an outrageous tattoo and fall off the hotel balcony?
She wakes up in the hospital to the tender ministrations of Dr. Vivian D’Mello—young, suave and handsome as hell. Will Kay stick to her guns or will she fall for his ridiculously sexy charms? And what’s up with the mixed signals he’s giving out?

Why does this book work?
The language being simple is one thing but at the same time it is so fascinating… captivating and most of all keeps the reader engaged throughout. You can actually feel yourself in the midst of it all, as if you are watching the story unravel right in front of your eyes. The story jogs through all along and there isn’t a single dull moment. I’m no fan of the chick-lit genre or anything, but when you come across books as breezy as this one – you just wanna stop and read

The authoress has done a fine job with the characters. Kairavi Krishna (Kay) is easily the best of the lot, not leaving the other characters too far behind. Its just the kind of people you would want to be friends with – in the real life

The cover of the book:
A woman with a big straw hat lying on a beach with a cocktail by her side and of course the 3 words which read G O A. Ought to be a roller-coaster of a ride… and it doesn’t disappoint.

Should you read it?/ Do I recommend it?
Definitely! Highly recommended.

The Author:
Shuchi Singh Kalra. For her debut novel, she’s done spectacularly well!
I have a question though..
Is the ‘S’ or the ‘H’ silent in Shuchi? 🤔🤔

I rate the book a 4.7/5. Can you blame me? I mostly never give a perfect score, there’s always a scope for improvement right? Though for the character of Kay by herself – I’d give her a 5/5. 


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