The ‘inside’ man

Loosely translated as the person who can make things happen inside a particular organisation overlooking certain key areas of expertise/experience or pushing your case forward among others.

There are 2 ways of getting work done in India

Either you do it the way it’s meant to be done, which would be basically waiting your turn…till/‘if’ your name/number comes up (which could take a lot of time – considering how the particular state functions or more so how the state departments work)


Find someone who can get the work done for you loosely translated to ‘the inside man/middle man’ for a fee of course! Nobody does charity nowadays.

If you’ve not heard this phrase before living in India – and considered it as an option… My hat goes off to you, YOU my friend – deserve the Nobel Honest Prize!

“I know someone who can get your work done” or “I know somebody inside”

– the someone being, the BIG/influential man/woman (yes women too.. what stops women from earning the extra buck) on the HOT seat inside a particular organisation.

No wonder a country like India will never prosper!!

Un-educated people in prime positions and the educated are unemployed. The few educated ones holding big posts are corrupt and the so called agents/middle men (the link between the common man and the big prize) are merrily making a fast buck on commission basis.

If you want to gain top positions in society, study for it. You can’t expect a 10th grader to be a minister or a 12th grader to be a V.P of a company and a qualified Engineer/Doctor to be sitting at home swatting flies – but isn’t that exactly what’s happening in every country – let alone India?

There’s no hope for an Indian in India! Have you seen the number of Indian’s traveling abroad and wanting to settle down in different parts of the world? And why not!? Better still – find a partner, get married.. and life is set, nobody wants to come back to India.

Yes, the word is Corruption.. but to have it in every little thing? From getting an earlier doctor’s appointment in a government hospital to finding a government job.. how helpless have people become? Are we just plain lazy or just want things at a press of a button? No wonder the lottery business do so well in India… everyone’s trying to get big and quick money at the earliest!

If you’re Indian.. you are either ‘one’ of the 3 people..


The Big Man on the Hot seat


The helpless citizen of the country.

If neither of the two, then surely you’re the agent helping to bridge the gap between the above two – a noble job you think you’re doing! bah! At the end of the day everyone is looking to fill their pockets – and why not? You’d be a fool not to think the same way.

May be I am that fool in many ways that way!


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