My Path..

I could care less what other people’s path’s look like, while walking through my own.. I patham adult enough to understand that no two individual’s paths can ever be the same.
We’d have a few similarities at best.. but it surely wouldn’t be the same – the whole journey through.

Or would it?

  • Could it be that they have it easier that me?
  • Could their journey be smoother than I’d ever dream of having?
  • Do they have giant boulders at every corner?
  • Or is it a gravel path with roses on either side making their path a pleasurable one?

May be! May be not.. I’ve seen better, but I’ve also seen far far worse.

Does that give me the right then, to compare my path to someone else’s?

And then I remember, the countless blessings I receive during my day – it keeps me going. I do not have the courage to take on the up’s and down’s of an everyday life on my own, I need a little help. I haven’t taken that into account. B L E S S I N G S .

The potholes and the speed breakers, slowing me down at various points of my journey. It helps me to stop-n-realize the journey traveled thus far.. the journey I have to carry on.. the stops I need to make, the turns I need to take..

The paths I choose may not always lead me the right way, it does take me on a new adventure – an adventure where I’ll probably learn something new and come out stronger & wiser. For how boring would it be – to travel on the same roads over and over again.

I make mistakes but I am not ashamed of them. It is the only way to learn and move forward

I’ve chosen a path.. but what good is it if I am to travel on it alone?


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