..not quite there! YET

My name is..

                       ..lets call myself Sean.

I am getting married next month to the girl of my dreams.

But I have a secret, maybe not so much of a secret anymore really. However, to my wife it STILL is. Shhhh 🤫 nobody tell her. I’ve slept with all the 3 of my wife’s bridesmaids.
Not recently of course.. it was many many years ago in the months of November, December & January – the coldest months of the year, it was my little contribution, to the otherwise constant dropping of the temperature which fell upon us that year. I was a wild, free spirited young man – back then.

Not that I am not the wild, free spirited man now – just of a different kind.. and my woman likes it. 

Today at 10 am, I am going to be formally introduced to the bridesmaids. A sort of a homecoming you can say. The thing with me is, I never forget my dates, and the thing with women is, they don’t forget it either, especially if they were memorable! And it isn’t in my DNA to disappoint.

It was only until I met Gloria, that I realized, what it meant to love..n love with all my heart. Gloria completed the other half of my life, right from completing my sentences to finishing the last of the french fries of the plate. We were in total sync with each other…something I never knew was possible, until of course I met her.

The clock has just ticked 9.59 – the digital clock on the restaurant wall clock had been keeping me busy for the past 30 minutes. They should be here any moment.

If there’s one thing that women thrive on – it is punctuality, in fact I can hear them walking in right now. It is obvious that I would choose the chair backing the entrance, instant reactions aren’t exactly my strong suit. This time however – I was prepared. Thanks to the little pink diary I found on Gloria’s desk one day, and with a little bit of help from social media and I was ready for what was to come.

It couldn’t get any more christmassy with Gloria, my wife-to-be and her three bridesmaids… Holly, Angel & Ginger. Its strange how life takes a full circle and you get to meet the same people once again, just that I haven’t even made it to the half way stage yet!

Talk of life coming around to bite your ass or as Holly would say; ‘arse’ coz it was the technically correct English word, and ass was what she called her donkey.

Focus Sean! Focus!

Hieeeeee!!! They say in unison.

I’ve always enjoyed writing Fiction, found myself lost somewhere in between.. but I’m back now! Expect this one to get wild.. lol

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  1. Finally the focus, after a lot of dates?

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      U can say…in a way..lol

  2. Looking fervently to hit the like button many times! 😉

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Thank you so much for the appreciation dear 🤗

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