..not quite there! YET – Holly [II]

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Hieeeeee!!! Getting excited over a simple meeting is totally a woman thing, I stood there – amused

The girls got all entangled in hugs, after which we shook hands. As we all had a chair each for ourselves, Gloria got going with the introduction, wasting no time at all.. she put her arm around mine forming a kind of a lock, as if to show that I now belonged exclusively to her (guess that’s how girls mark their territory) the 3 girls giggling together (a private joke i suppose) something I never could quite get..

Holly seemed the chirpiest, she was number 1 of the 3 girls I.. (you know what..) – now seated around the table, unexpectedly very excited and showing no kind of recognition what so ever (I’d have to say I was a little disappointed by the reactions)

I kept smiling, finding myself surrounded by familiar company. Acting over-friendly didn’t seem a good option there, women can see through that stuff pretty easy – so I stuck to what I do best, smile and look after my woman, and treat her friends well.. I signaled the waiter. To my benefit, all the 4 women seated didn’t quite know my association with the other, that definitely helped. Thanks to a couple of phone-calls, I excused myself.. to only notice Holly watching me from the corner of her eye as I turned around… being bespectacled has always had its benefits. It was the ‘I-have-questions-for-you’ look, I’d recognize that anywhere…


Holly was the sweetest of ’em all… the most adventurous, it did take Holly the longest to warm up but there wasn’t stopping once she was ready. Her almost perfect knowledge of ‘what-goes-where-and-how – at only 17, said a lot. She was smart and was sexy she was well researched, the guiding force behind our relationship.

“There’s something I need to tell you” we were getting busy as usual, his hands now somewhere in between my t-shirt and brassiere, moving south wards…

“This is my…… first….. time”

I didn’t know, if I was to worry or just be happy for myself. I decided not to smile, but instead chose the straight face option

“I understand” I said and kissed her, I didn’t need much help there, she said I was a born-good kisser

Maybe it was the fact that she said what she had… that made her free and more open for the rest of the evening. She liked being in charge, it was really going to happen and in course of the evening – we did it, as she guided me and I moved accordingly.

She wasn’t a very vocal kind of person when it came to her feelings, there was no such problems with her instructions though.. but to see the content on her face later that evening, had said it all.

No questions had to be asked, no feedback was to be taken.

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