International Mother Language Day


FEBRUARY 21stInternational Mother Language Day or better know as ‘Mother Tongue’

To begin, how does one identify or find the meaning behind the word ‘Mother Language’ or ‘Mother Tongue?’

Is it the first language that you learn when you are a baby, rather than a language learned at school or as an adult?


One’s native language


A language from which another language derives

…and don’t even let me begin on the reference to ‘Mother’.

I fail to understand the logic of why people abuse the word ‘mother’ and use it for everything – be it in connection with language, an abusive word (English & Hindi) or as a Miss world answer (tugging on the emotion of the mere mention of the word – Manushi Chillar’s FINAL winning answer) and NO! I haven’t forgotten. She probably won it only for that one word 🙄

Manushi, during the ‘Question and Answer’ round in the Miss World 2017 pageant was asked, “Which profession should receive the highest salary in the world?.”

Responding to the same, Chhillar answered, “A mother’s profession should receive the highest salary and respect in the world.”

Totally out-of-context answer in my honest opinion – but let’s not get into that now. You can read more about it in a POST I wrote some time ago.

Coming back to the topic of Language.

Mother tongue to me, generally means the language that I have grown up with

I’ve always considered English as my “mother” language, no offense to the state I live in [Goa] or the country I am a citizen of [India], English will always remain my language. I was educated in English, always speak English at home, communicate with friend & colleagues in English and even teach the language to others. Called me biased towards the Language but I stick to my opinion. [You don’t necessarily have to agree with me] 😜

A language is not just a means of communication, but a tool that gives me, as an individual – My Identity and English is my identity, along with what you see of me as a person 😃😃

 Other than English, I do speak Hindi and Konkani – but enough people know that if they wish to strike up a conversation with me, its gotta be in…. (any guesses???)

yup… English!

So, while I may catch up on a few blog posts today in different languages (In India itself there are 22 official languages but over 750 unofficial languages (including dialects I suppose)] please do leave an English translation for the benefit of readers all over the world and little ol’ me… the Indian-English Man

Feel free to read this blog post in whichever language you are comfortable in, with the translatehelp of Google Translate —–>>>> an option available on my site (to keep up with the theme of “International Mother Language Day” 👍

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  1. Heyyy, Savio Sirr! Greetings from Firefly. 🐝 I hope you’re doing good. Also, I think that was the last post I read on your blog, about that Miss World and her answer.
    I’m a Sindhi, but I consider Hindi as my mother tongue. 😂 Most of the time, I converse all in Hindi, unless it’s absolutely necessary to talk in English, which it really was, cause I walked into your blog. So, hello there!

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Hey! So good to reconnect once again…u toh totally disappeared na?

      1. Naaa, I tricked you all. It just looked like I was the one who disappeared, but actually it was everyone else around me. 😂

        1. Oh okay! So that’s what happened….smart girl 🤣😂😅

          1. Thanks for finding me back. I’m so glad! 😹😹

          2. theextraaamile says:

            …and I have a lot to catch up on…

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